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Valve used on ships - ball and stop valves

Valve used on ships - ball and stop valves

Continuing an important topic - valves used on ships

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Cobham 3D Product App

The Cobham SATCOM 3D Catalog application allows you to view the Cobham SATCOM 3D equipment in 3D with excellent detailing and the ability to overlay the selected equipment in the right place in the space.

The application allows you to view key hardware features, allowing you to scale and rotate models to display specific product details, and view animated examples of products in action, all on a mobile device. The application also gives access to a wide range of images, video and hardware specifications through the comprehensive digital catalog of Cobham products.

A three-dimensional image is activated using a simple tracker, and it can be placed anywhere to overlay a specific product with the setting you select.

Key features:

  • View Cobham SATCOM equipment with excellent detail in 3D
  • Placement of equipment in any environment using a simple image tracker
  • A complete catalog of digital products with images, videos and specifications
  • Easy access from any mobile device
  • Allows you to share product information with customers
In the latest update, Cobham experts reduced the application size. Which means that now you only download 3D models of products that suit you.
When you first access the application and select a 3D model, it will download the model to your device. This also means that in offline mode you will have access to previously downloaded models. The product catalog and related product information are still only available online.

If you have not already downloaded the application, you can find it right here for iOS and Android .

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