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Power sources (extract from the rules)

Power sources (extract from the rules)

Power sources (extract from the rules)

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Register of emergency locator transmitters required to make the search and rescue work more effective. In addition to general information about the coordinates and time of the incident, registered EPIRB buoys transmit identifier, which allows the owner to determine the object type (aircraft, a ship, etc.), the name of the available means of communication, the number of people on board the aircraft or vessel etc.
The lack of registration or improper registration of a beacon could result in additional time and logistics costs in planning and conducting search and rescue operations.

Register COSPAS-SARSAT EPIRB includes the following steps:

  • You the necessary package of documents (contract and, if necessary, an application for the allocation of the ID-number, the application form for registration).
  • Filling out the form according to the available data and sending it to our address - 2016 EPIRB Registration Form
  • After signing the contract and payment of invoices, we carry out the procedure number assignment and registration and send you the ID number to program and confirm registration.
To register, send your request by e-mail On questions contact the service department by phone in St. Petersburg (+7 812) 679-09-10, and 79045531441, Petrozavodsk: (+7 8142) 57-80-30 and (+7 8142) 57-00-03 

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