Principle of operation BNWAS


Principle of operation BNWAS

 Company Communication and Radionavigation offers you BNWA system at the lowest prices. We do pick up the necessary kit for your boat will hold the installation, perform work on the construction and coordination of project documentation. Work is carried out by qualified personnel who have been trained and are certified by the manufacturer. Installation work performed as soon as possible and by all the rules and requirements. After installation we rent work register.
BNWA system established to ensure safe navigation - control the ship's navigator. The following summarized the principle of the systems.

Description of controls and modes of operation:

 Translation system from one state to another is carried out control panel. Mode switching from one state to another is performed or after entering a password or key (depending on model)
 The system can be in one of three modes: 
  • 'Manual OFF '- The system is turned off; 
  • 'Manual ON' - The system is on and functioning with a period of time 'Inactivity time'; 
  • 'Automatic' - Automatic mode, the system automatically turns on when you turn on the autopilot and operates with a period of time 'Inactivity time'. 

 Setting the timeout period of the system is carried out on the control panel (as a password or key) 'Inactivity time': 

  • 3 min - 3 minutes;
  • 6 min - 6 minutes; 
  • 12 min - 12 min; 
 When the system is in mode 'Mode' - 'Manual On' is included on the control panel display. In automatic mode, 'Mode' - 'Automatic' on the control panel display is turned off, and the system is in standby mode. When a signal to switch from autopilot system is activated and appears work. When interruption of that signal from the autopilot system automatically shuts down and the system goes into standby mode. 
Adjust the brightness of the display by using the dimmer on the control panel (the possibility of complete shutdown indication is excluded). 
After turning the system  over a given time period of 3, 6 or 12 minutes included a light signal, expressed flashing indicator on the control panel and freestanding reset button 'Bnwas Reset' (on the wings of the bridge or on the side consoles wheelhouse). 
Confirmation signal is acknowledged by pressing 'Reset', located on the control panel or by using the buttons detached acknowledgment 'Bnwas Reset' any action (Motion Sensors / Actions with ECDIS / radar etc.) Handshake system (depending a complete set of equipment).
In the absence of confirmation of the light signal within 15 seconds , the system automatically switches Audible alarm level 1 - buzzer mounted on the bridge or the built-in panel. 
The alarm level 2 is activated after 15 seconds after the alarm activation level 1  in the absence of confirmation signal SKDVP watch officer. Alarm level 2 is to include audible and visual alarm in every room where you installed the alarm panel. 

Acknowledging an alarm system BNWAS possible only on the bridge. 

In the absence of confirmation signal level 2 after 90 seconds the alarm signaling the third level , which sends a signal to an external alarm system (if the external alarm system is connected). 
After confirming signal using one of the buttons on the navigation bridge acknowledgment, the system goes into standby mode and the preset timeout period begins again. At the same time the buzzer, light and sound in all panels off. 


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