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Bad connections are not uncommon, so the navigator should be familiar with the various components of the navigation system and how they are connected

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Spare parts for JRC

For a detailed list of spare parts and consumables for JRC
For purchase, please contact sales at , for repair of JRC or call a qualified engineer, contact . And by phone +7 (812) 679 09 10 or + 7 (812) 467 36 73.

Item code Description
2265191794 JRC Cable (Earth Wire) 2265191794 250V-HV-37/0.26-(0)
2668510026 JRC Ship’s LAN cable 2668510026 4EPALVBVSTE 4PX0.52A 7ZCAF0200
2746111112 JRC Antenna Wire 2746111112 1m TH-19/1.2
5ABBE00001 JRC Whip Antenna 5ABBE00001, 0.6 m
5AJBV00007 JRC Circulator NJC3901M 5AJBV00007
5AJIX00027 JRC Circulator (FCX68) 5AJIX00027 for 
5ATBT00005 JRC diode limiter 5ATBT00005 (NJS6318) for NKE-1130/1130PM
5ATBT00006 JRC Transceiver Limiter 5ATBT00006 (NJS6930) for JMA-9900
5ATBT00007 JRC Pin Att. 5ATBT00007 NJS6926
5BDAK00025 JRC Brush S885026-2C-61 5BDAK00025 for JMA-3900/7700
5BFAB00295 JRC Fan 5BFAB00295 109R0812H401 for NBB-724
5BFAB00482 JRC Fan (109R0624S401) 5BFAB00482 for JMA-9000
5BFAB00485 JRC Fan Filter 5BFAB00485 for JMA-7100/9100/9900/JAN-701
5BFAB00499 JRC Fan (109R0612S4D15) 5BFAB00499 for CPU for JMA-9800
5BFAB00523 JRC Fan 5BFAB00523 (109P0412H601) for JMA-9000/9800/9900
5BFAB00526 JRC Fan 5BFAB00526 (109P0912H401) for JMA-9000/9800/9900
5BFAB00588 JRC Fan 5BFAB00588 (109R0612S4D13) for JMA-7100/9100/9900/JAN-701
5BFAB00640 JRC Fan 5BFAB00640 109R0612S4D15 for JMA-9800
5BFAB00652 JRC Fan 5BFAB00652 (109R0612S4D01) for JMA-7100/9100/9900
5BFAB00674 JRC Fan 5BFAB00674 (109P0612M601) for NKE-1130PM
5BFAB00760 JRC Fan 5BFAB00760 (9G1224H113) for JSS-296/596/896
5BFAB00766 JRC Fan 5BFAB00766 for NCM-928
5BFAB00768 JRC Fan 5BFAB00768 (109L0912S410) for NKE-1632/2632/-H
5BFAH00065 JRC Fan B1 5BFAH00065 (5BFAH00065) for radar JRC JMA-608
5BFCB00004 JRC Fan 5BFCB00004 (MMF-06G24DH-RC0) for JMA-9800
5BFCB00005 JRC Fan 5BFCB00005 (MMF-08G24DM-RC0) for JMA-9800
5BFCM00011 JRC Fan 5BFCM00011 for JSS-2150
5BFDF00001 JRC BDE fanset 5BFDF00001 (5BFDF00001) 12VDC. for JRC JUE-410F. 88x44x38mm
5BPAN00001 JRC Encoder 5BPAN00001 (NOY-2048-2MC) for JMA-9000
5BZAA00015 JRC Carbon Brush 5BZAA00015 for JMA-6000/8000
5CMAB02339 JRC Capacitor 5CMAB02339 for JFE-582
5DEBG00011 JRC Eprom 5DEBG00011 IC 24LC256-I/PG for JUE-85
5EPGF00129 JRC AC-DC Converter 5EPGF00129 for NAH-692/695/698
5EPSF00033 JRC Power Supply 5EPSF00033 S8EX-NO3012L NCK-175/JCX-161
5EPUA00017 JRC Power Supply 5EPUA00017 for NCT-8x for JCY-1900
5EYBF00003 JRC Capsule 5EYBF00003 (88380) for NDH-339
5EZAA00037 JRC MIC NJT1969 5EZAA00037
5EZAA00038 JRC Diode Limiter 5EZAA00038 (NJS6928A) for JMA-9800
5EZAA00039 JRC MIC NJT1028 (5EZAA00039) for JMA-5100
5EZFK00073 JRC PI board PI-64L (PCI) 5EZFK00073 for NDC-1189A/JCY-1000
5EZFK00086 JRC Back Plane Board MB-PC14/9 5EZFK00086 for NDC-1189A/JCY-1000
5EZIW00002 JRC EPIRB Tester 5EZIW00002 Tron Unidec for JCY-1900
5EZIW00003 JRC Programming Unit PRU-50 for JCY-1900
5EZLU00005 JRC AAMM Board 5EZLU00005 for JCY-1000
5EZPD00006 JRC Printer Selector 5EZPD00006 for JSS-296/596/896
5HPCC00004 JRC Printer Head 5HPCC00004 for NCR-300/330/NKG-52/84
5HSAD0002 JRC Thermalhead 5HSAD0002 (5HSAD0002) for weatherfax JRC JAX-39
5HSAJ00002 JRC Thermal Printhead 5HSAJ00002 (WQ256-Q1) PBF for JAX-9A/B
5HTAV00002 JRC Circuit tester 5HTAV00002 for GMDSS
5HZBE00023 JRC DVD-Ram Disk 5HZBE00023 (LM-HB47LA) for JCY-1000
5HZFZ00001 JRC USB Security Dongle 5HZFZ00001 for JAN-701/901
5JAAA02489 JRC Coaxial Adaptor 5JAAA02489
5JAAE01711 JRC Connector 5JAAE01711 / N-P-5
5JAAE01737 JRC Connector 5JAAE01737 (N-A-JJ)
5JAAE01750 JRC Connector 5JAAE01750 / N-J-5
5JAAE01753 JRC Connector NJ-TNCP 5JAAE01753 for JUE-85/95
5JAAK00028 JRC Connector 5JAAK00028 (N-P-MJ)
5JAAK00041 JRC Coaxial Connector 5JAAK00041 (N-P-10U)
5JAHU00003 JRC Speaker Male Connector FM14-3TS for NQE-180AJ for NVA-1810MKII H2
5JAHU00004 JRC Microphone Male Connector FM14-5TS for NQE-180AJ for NVA-1810MKII H2
5JCAA01225 JRC 4 Pin Connector 5JCAA01225 (HS16P-4) for JFV-130
5JCAA01229 JRC 4 Pin Connector 5JCAA01229 (HS21P-4(71))
5JCAA01230 JRC Connector 5JCAA01230 HS21P-5(71) for JFV-/JLS-/
5JCAC00843 JRC Plug 5JCAC00843 for CFQ-6912
5JCDW00014 JRC Connector 5JCDW00014 for NWU-800, 6282-7SG-321
5JCDW00015 JRC NMEA Plug 5JCDW00015 for JFC-600
5JCDX00032 JRC P3 Connector 5JCDX00032 (GPS)
5JCDX00033 JRC 7 Pin NMEA Connector 5JCDX00033 for JLZ-900
5JCDX00034 JRC 8 Pin NMEA Connector 5JCDX00034 for JMA-5200
5JCDX00049 JRC Connector 5JCDX00049
5JCDX00052 JRC Connector 5JCDX00052 (Keyboard)
5JCEJ00005 JRC Connector 5JCEJ00005 for NVS-400
5JCEJ00010 JRC Connector 5JCEJ00010 (FM14-3P AU(3P)) for NVS-400
5KDAD00804 JRC Breaker 5KDAD00804 (50A) for JSS-710
5MBAA00940 JRC EMI Ferrite 5MBAA00940 (ZCAT3055-1330)
5MPAB00001 JRC Magnet 5MPAB00001 (SR-1) for JMA-1010/2344
5NXBS00030 JRC Line Filter 5NXBS00030 (GF-2200) for JMA-3300
5NXBS00052 JRC Noise Filter 5NXBS00052 GT-2200 for JLN-550
5RVAD00119 JRC Gain Potmeter, stc.ftc type 5RVAD00119 (5RVAD00119) for JMA-608. RV1 3/4. RK1171110. 10K
5RVAD00157 JRC Variable Resistor 5RVAD00157 for JMA-7700/7710
5SAAB00002 JRC Safety switch 5SAAB00002 (5SAAB00002) for radar JRC JMA-7710 (NKE-1055)
5SAAB01179 JRC Safety switch 5SAAB01179 for JMA-9133-SA
5SABH00011 JRC Safety Switch 5SAB00011 (5SABH00011) for JMA-9133-SA
5SCAB00153 JRC Switch-on PCB type 5SCAB00153 (5SCAB00153) for radar JRC JMA-608. (LTM2-01-L8)
5SFAA00044 JRC Door Switch 5SFAA00044 (ABS141454) for JFE-582/585
5SKBC00326 JRC Guard Cover 5SKBC00326 (CH-2720-K) for NQE3225/NQE3224
5SKBL00034 JRC Power Switch 5SKBL00034 for NWW-60
5SXCG00004 JRC Read Switch 5SXCG00004 for NKE-2102/2062/250
5TKCK00021 JRC Transistor 5TKCK00021 (2SK1168-E) for JFC-130
5UMBL00003 JRC Handset 5UMBL00003 (HS-6000J5) for JHS-31/32A/B
5UNAG00008 JRC Transducer Element 5UNAG00008 (UT-50MD-20) for NKF-345
5UNAG00009 JRC Transducer Element 5UNAG00009 (UT-50MD-30) for NKF-345
5UNAG00010 JRC Transducer Element 5UNAG00010 (UT-50MD-40) for NKF-345
5UNAG00011 JRC Transducer Element 5UNAG00011 (UT-200ND-20A) for NKF-341
5UNAG00012 JRC Transducer Element 5UNAG00012 (UT-200ND-30) for NKF-341
5UNAG00013 JRC Transducer Element 5UNAG00013 (UT-200ND-40B) for NKF-341
5UNAG00014 JRC Transducer Element 5UNAG00014 with 50 m Cable for NKF-341
5USCM00001 JRC Speaker 5USCM00001 (F51G01-03) for JSB-196GM
5USCR00003 JRC Speaker 5USCR00003 for NCE-5163-E
5USCW00001 JRC Speaker 5USCW00001 (S-50T46-00) for JHS-32A/B
5VBAB00069 JRC CRT Monitor 5VBAB00069 (E8471B39) for JMA-8000/9000
5VLAA00037 JRC Transceiver Limiter 5VLAA00037 (TL378A) for NTG-3030
5VMAA00078 JRC Magnetron 5VMAA00078 (M1537) for JMA-1500/1800
5VMAA00082 JRC Magnetron 5VMAA00082 25 kW (M1568BJ) for X-Band
5VMAA00090 JRC Magnetron 5VMAA00090 6 kW (MSF1422B) for X-Band
5VMAA00091 JRC Magnetron 5VMAA00091 10 kW (MSF1425B) for X-Band
5VMAA00092 JRC Magnetron 5VMAA00092 4 kW (MSF1421B) for X-Band
5VMAA00094 JRC Magnetron 5VMAA00094 25 kW (M1475) for X-Band
5VMAA00102 JRC Magnetron 5VMAA00102 10 kW (MAF1565N) for JMA-5300MKII
5VMAA00107 JRC Magnetron 5VMAA00107 25 kW for JMA-7000/8000/9000
5VMAA00108 JRC Magnetron 5VMAA00108 (M1461) for JMA-7736
5VMAA00109 JRC Magnetron 5VMAA00109 (M1516) for RADAR 1000
5VMAA00110 JRC Magnetron 5VMAA00110 (M1430) for NKE-177
5VMAA00111 JRC Magnetron 5VMAA00111 30 kW (M1302L) for JMA-9932/9933
5WAAB00132 JRC Lamp Pilot 5WAAB00132 (31504P)
5WAAB00390 JRC PL Lamp 5WAAB00390 for NWZ-4570
5WSAF00046 JRC Back Light Panel 5WSAF00046 for JHS-31
5WZBK00001 JRC Backlight 5WZBK00001 for JSS-710/720/800/850
5ZBAB00080 JRC Backup Battery 5ZBAB00080 (CR2354-1HE) for JLR-4321/7700
5ZBAD00076 JRC Lithium Battery 5ZBAD00076 (CR12600SE-T1) for NWU-50A/51
5ZBAD00077 JRC Backup Battery 5ZBAD00077 for JLN-520/530/JLR-6000
5ZBAU00023 JRC Backup Battery 5ZBAU00023 (ER4VP) for JAX-39/79/90/9A
5ZBAU00028 JRC Backup Battery 5ZBAU00028 (CR2032-THD) for JLR-7700
5ZBCJ00004 JRC Battery 5ZBCJ00004 (CR2354-1VC) for NNN-4331
5ZBCJ00010 JRC Battery 5ZBCJ00010 for NNN-20/30/21/31
5ZBCJ00012 JRC Backup Battery 5ZBCJ00012 for JAX-9B/JMA-9100/9900
5ZBCR00003 JRC Battery 5ZBCR00003 (3/V80H074763) for CDJ-1800
5ZBDC00010 JRC Lithum Battery 5ZBDC00010 for NNN-433
5ZCBS00400 JRC Ribbon Cable 5ZCBS00400 for JSS-2150
5ZCDH00014 JRC Cable 5ZCDH00014 (KRS-101K) for JSS-296/596/896
5ZCDH00072 JRC Cable 5ZCDH00072 KB-5BNC2K
5ZCDH00112 JRC VGA Cable 5ZCDH00112 KB-CHD152K for JCY-1800/NWP-46
5ZCGF00017 JRC Programming Cable 5ZCGF00017 for VDR Interface 7EZNA4003
5ZCMD00018 JRC Flat Cable 5ZCMD00018 W1 for NCM-2150 for JSS-2150
5ZCMD00046 JRC Flat Cable 5ZCMD00046 W2 for NCM-2150 for JSS-2150
5ZCMD00051 JRC Ribbon Cable 5ZCMD00051 for JSS-2150
5ZCMD00059 JRC Ribbon Cable 5ZCMD00059 for JSS-2150
5ZCMD00073 JRC Ribbon Cable 5ZCMD00073 for NAH-692/695/698 (7ZCJD0104)
5ZCMR00024 JRC USB/Serial Cable 5ZCMR00024 for JCY-1900 (BSUSRC061BS)
5ZCSJ00002 JRC SATA Cable 5ZCSJ00002 for HDD for Data
5ZCSJ00003 JRC SATA Cable 5ZCSJ00003 for Power
5ZCWF00032 JRC Power Cable 5ZCWF00032 5 m for NWZ-173
5ZCXA00009 JRC Cable 5ZCXA00009 (KPU-PS2-15K) for JSS-296/596/896
5ZCXA00011 JRC Printer Cable 5ZCXA00011 (KP-DV1) for JSS-296/596
5ZCXA00012 JRC Cable 5ZCXA00012 (KPU-104K) for JSS-296/596/896
5ZFAA00136 JRC Fuse MF60NR2 5ZFAA00136
5ZFAP00231 JRC Fuse-Holder 5ZFAP00231 for BDE JUE-251
5ZFCA00036 JRC Fuse 250V A SC1A 5ZFCA00036 for JFE-582
5ZFCA00038 JRC Fuse 250V A SC315MA 5ZFCA00038 for JFE-582
5ZFCA00053 JRC Fuse 5ZFCA00053 ST6-10AN1
5ZFCA00127 JRC Fuse 5ZFCA00127 CES6 20A 125V
5ZFCA00147 JRC Fuse 5ZFCA00147 250V a TLC 5A for JFE-680
5ZFCK00001 JRC Fuse, 7.5A, 5ZFCK00001 7127-3018 for JSS-296
5ZFCK00015 JRC Fuse 5ZFCK00015 (1195) DC32 10A for NTF-318
5ZFCK00016 JRC Fuse 5ZFCK00016 - 32VDC 3A for JAN-9201
5ZFCK00017 JRC Fuse 5ZFCK00017
5ZFCK00021 JRC Fuse 5ZFCK00021
5ZFEX00003 JRC Fuse, 5A, 5ZFEX00003 7127-3010 for JSS-396
5ZFEX00004 JRC Fuse, 10A, 5ZFEX00004 7127-3011 for JSS-296
5ZFEX00012 JRC Fuse, 3A,5ZFEX00012 7127-3014 for JSS-296
5ZFEX00013 JRC Fuse, 40A, 5ZFEX00013 1040 For JSS-296
5ZFEX00014 JRC Fuse, 1A, 5ZFEX00014 7127-3019 for JSS-296
5ZFGD00006 JRC Fuse 5ZFGD00006 MF60NR250V0.5 for JMA-525G
5ZFGD00010 JRC Fuse 5ZFGD00010 MF60NR 250V 2 for JFE-680
5ZFGD00019 JRC Fuse 5ZFGD00019 MF51NR 250V 0.5 for JFE-680
5ZFGD00200 JRC Fuse 5ZFGD00200 MF51NR 250V 2 for JFE-680
5ZFGD00201 JRC Fuse 5ZFGD00201 MF51NR 250V 3.15 (5ZFAD00227)
5ZFGD00205 JRC Fuse 5ZFGD00205 Type MF60NR 250V 1 (10EA=1PG, 250V, 1A)
5ZFGD00207 JRC Fuse 5ZFGD00207 MF60NR 250V 3.15A
5ZFGD00208 JRC Fuse 5ZFGD00208 for JCY-1700
5ZFWU00005 JRC Fuse 5ZFWU00005 FIH 250 5A
5ZPDH00001 JRC Roll Paper 69x60 5ZPDH00001 For NKG-22
5ZPDH00002 JRC printer ribbon 5ZPDH00002 for NKG22
5ZPDH00013 JRC Ink Ribbon SF-03B for NKG-22
5ZPMB00001 JRC Thermal Paper 5ZPMB00001 for NCR-300A
5ZPNT00001 JRC GMDSS Radio Logbook 5ZPNT00001 for GMDSS
5ZYMC00001 JRC Backlight 5ZYMC00001 (EL-2065-YG-1) for JHS-31
5ZYMC00002 JRC EL Panel 5ZYMC00002 (5ZYMC00002) for VHF JRC JHS-31
5ZYNN00001 JRC Ink Cartridge 5ZYNN00001 for NKG-30A
5ZYWZ00001 JRC Printer Head 5ZYWZ00001 (SP-24090AI) for NKG-800
5ZYYQ00002 JRC Carrying Strap 5ZYYQ00002 (MB-80) for JHS-430/431
5ZZAX00029 JRC MIC S-RX24 5ZZAX00029 for JMA-1310/2043
5ZZBA00114 JRC Rubber Keypad 5ZZBA00114 (5P01864) for JHS-32A
5ZZCM00003 JRC Ink Ribbon 5ZZCM00003 (SP-16051) for NKG-800
5ZZMC00009 JRC Multi Lens Cleaner 5ZZMC00009
5ZZNW00025 JRC Fan Filter (FLT121) 5ZZNW00025
5ZZSW00003 JRC Mounting Bracket 5ZZSW00003 for JQX-30A (122597)
5ZZSW00005 JRC Cramp 5ZZSW00005 (342018) for JQX-30A
5ZZSW00007 JRC Switching Assay 5ZZSW00007 342016 for JQX-30A
6AAJD00102 JRC Antenna 6AAJD00102 for JHS-7
6BPTS00010 JRC Pulse Motor 6BPTS00010 for JAX-9A
6EZSC00026 JRC External Data Port 6EZSC00026 for JUE-75
6EZSC00031 JRC GPS Kit 6EZSC00031 for JUE-75A/C
6JAJD00007 JRC Radio Frequency Connector 6JAJD00007 for JHS-7
6JNKD00100 JRC Power Supply Cable 6JNKD00100 for NKG-800
6RVJD00015 JRC Rotary Potentiometer 6RVJD00015 for JHS-7
6SCTS00051 JRC Switchboard 6SCTS00051 for JAX-90
6SCTS00055 JRC Panel Switch 6SCTS00055 for JAX-9A
6UMJD00004 JRC Earphone 6UMJD00004 for JHS-7
6UMJD00028 JRC Microphone 6UMJD00028 UMJD-28 for JHS-25
6UMKD10003 JRC Waterproof Hand Microphone 6UMKD10003 6UMKD10003 15m for NVA-1705
6ZBKD00005 JRC Lithium Battery 6ZBKD00005 for JQX-10A/20A
6ZCAF00252 JRC Printerpaper 6ZCAF00252 for DPU-414
6ZCKD00131 JRC Antenna wire 6ZCKD00131 3 m
6ZPBS00006 JRC Recording Paper 6ZPBS00006 for JFE-570/582/585
6ZPKD00073 JRC GMDSS Feeder Kit 6ZPKD00073 for GMDSS
6ZPKD00074 JRC Installation materials 6ZPKD00074 For JSS-296/596/896
6ZPKD00083 JRC Earth Bolt 6ZPKD00083
6ZPKD00084 JRC Earth Terminal 6ZPKD00084 for JSS-296/596/896
6ZXKD53125 JRC Antenna Instalation Kit 6ZXKD53125 for JSS-296
6ZZKD00003 JRC Shaft 6ZZKD00003 for JSS-710/720/800
6ZZKD00006 JRC Packing 6ZZKD00006 for JSS-710/720/800
6ZZKD01031 JRC Earth Plate 6ZZKD01031 for JSS-296/596/896
7ABJD0005 JRC Antenna 7ABJD0005 (FA-S27U) for JHS-430/431
7ABSC0013 JRC GPS Antenna 7ABSC0013 for JUE-250
7AWRD0003A JRC Flexible Waveguide 7AWRD0003A 20m for X-Band
7AWRD0004A JRC Waveguide H-7AWRD0004A
7BDBS7002 JRC Pulse Motor 7BDBS7002 (w/o gear) for JFE-582/585
7BDNA2001 JRC Hoist Motor 7BDNA2001 Drive Board No.801B for JFP-185BB
7BDRD0023 JRC Motor 7BDRD0023 X-band, for NKE-1046/249 of JMA-2112/2253
7BDRD0036C JRC Motor 7BDRD0036C X-band, for JMA-1100/1000/1500/1800
7BDRD0038 JRC Motor 7BDRD0038 CBP-139 (MPGK30609/CBP139 w/o gear) for NKE-2102/226
7BDRD0044A JRC Motor + Gear 7BDRD0044A, DC, Brushless X-band, (Normal Speed) for NKE-2254/1087/1089
7BDRD0045A JRC Motor + Gear 7BDRD0045A, DC, Brushless X-band, (High Speed) for NKE-2254HS for JMA5322-6H
7BDRD0048 JRC Motor 7BDRD0048, DC, Brushless X-band, for NKE-2103 for JMA-5300MKII
7BDRD0052A JRC Motor 7BDRD0052A X-band, for JMA-2300MK2
7BDSC0001A JRC DC Motor 7BDSC0001A for JUE-310B
7BFNA4001 JRC Fan H-7BFNA4001 for NWP-46/NWP69/JCY1900
7BFNA4002 JRC Fan H-7BFNA4002 for NDV-1900
7BFRD0002 JRC Fan 7BFRD0002 for NKE-1125/1130/2252/2254
7BFRD0005 JRC Cooling Fan 7BFRD0005 for JMA-5300MKII
7BFRD0006 JRC Fan 7BFRD0006 for JMA-7100/9100/9900
7BFRD0010 JRC Fan H-7BFRD0010 for NKE-2255/JMR-5400
7BFRD0011 JRC Fan H-7BFRD0011 for NKE-2255/JMR-5400
7BFRD0012 JRC RPU Fan Kit H-7BFRD0012 for NCM-963/JMR-5400
7BFSC0001 JRC ADE Fan 7BFSC0001 (set of 2) for JUE-410F
7BFSC0002 JRC ADE Fan 7BFSC0002 for JUE-33/250
7BFSC0003B JRC BDE Fan 7BFSC0003B (set of 2) for JUE-410F
7BPNA4001 JRC Pulse Motor 7BPNA4001 for JAX-9B
7BVRD0002 JRC Scanner Encoder 7BVRD0002 for JMA-6000/8000
7BZJD0001A JRC Cooling Fan 7BZJD0001A for JSB-196(GM)
7BZJD0005A JRC Fan Kit 7BZJD0005A for NBG-700/JSS-710/720
7BZJD0006 JRC Fan 7BZJD0006 for JSS-2250/JSS-2500
7BZJD0008A JRC Fan 7BZJD0008A for NFC-2250/2500
7DEBS3003 JRC IC 7DEBS3003 for JFE-585
7DEJD0318 JRC Upgrade Kit 7DEJD0318 for JSB-196
7DERD0378 JRC Disk on Chip 7DERD0378 (MD2202-D48) for JMA-9800MKII
7EPBS0001B JRC Power Supply 7EPBS0001B for JFE-582/585
7EPJD0005 JRC AC/DC 7EPJD0005 for NAH-692
7EPNA4004 JRC Power Supply 7EPNA4004 for JAX-90/91
7EPNA4010 JRC Power Supply H-7EPNA4010 for NCK-169/JCX-151/152
7EPRD0017C JRC Power Supply 7EPRD0017C high voltage for JMA-8000/9000
7EPRD0034 JRC Motor Control Board 7EPRD0034 220V for NKE-1125/29/1532
7EPRD0035B JRC Motor Control Board 7EPRD0035B 110V for NKE-1125/29/30/1532
7HMNA4001 JRC Beacon Checker 7HMNA4001 for JCY-1000/1700(S)/1800/1850
7HRJD0001E JRC PCMCIA Memory Card 7HRJD0001E 2GB for JCY-1700
7HRJD0002D JRC CF Card 7HRJD0002D 2GB for JCY-1800/1850
7HRJD0003A JRC CF Card 7HRJD0003A 4GB for JCY-1800/1850
7HSAF0001 JRC Thermal Head Assy 7HSAF0001 for Weatherfax JAX-9A/B
7JEJD0001A JRC DTE Cable 7JEJD0001A 1 m for NDZ-800-2
7LGRD0037 JRC Deflection Coil 7LGRD0037 for JMA-9000
7LPRD0100C JRC Pulse Transformer 7LPRD0100C
7LPRD0115 JRC Pulse Transformer 7LPRD0115 6kW for JMA-2300/5100/5300
7LPRD0117A JRC Pulse Transformer 7LPRD0117A 10kW for JMA-2300/5100/5300
7LPRD0122 JRC Pulse Transformer 7LPRD0122 for JMA-9132-SA
7LTBS5006A JRC Tranformer H-7LTBS5006A
7SCNA4001 JRC Sheet Switch Panel H-7SCNA4001 SW for JAX-9B
7SXJD0001 JRC Panel Switch 7SXJD0001 for NCM-722 for JHS-180
7SZJD0002A JRC Main Switch 7SZJD0002A for NCR-330
7SZJD0003A JRC State Switch Panel 7SZJD0003A for NCR-330
7UMJD0004 JRC Speaker/Microphone 7UMJD0004 HM-138 for JHS-430/431
7UMJD0017 JRC Handset 7UMJD0017 for JSS-710/720
7UMKD0001 JRC Handset 7UMKD0001 (HS1620BL) for JSS-800/850
7UNNA2008A JRC Transducer H-7UNNA2008A UT50MD for JFE-380/680/585
7UNNA2010 JRC Transducer 7UNNA2010 1 m for JFE-380/680/582
7UNNA3001 JRC Transducer 7UNNA3001 CFT-022C 25M, for JLN-205/205MK2 (NKF-547)
7UNNA3002 JRC Transducer 7UNNA3002 CFT-023C 25 m for JLN-205/205MK2
7USJD0002A JRC Speaker 7USJD0002A for NCM-1770 for JHS-770
7WSJD0002A JRC LCD 7WSJD0002A for NCT-196N with connector for flatcable
7WSJD0003 JRC LCD 7WSJD0003A for JSS-296/596/896
7WZRD0038 JRC Monitor 7WZRD0038 for NCD-3780
7WZRD0041A JRC Monitor H-7WZRD0041A for NCD-2237/JMA-2300MK2
7YZSC0003 JRC EPROM 7YZSC0003 for JUE-75C (3*ROM IC)
7ZBJD0004B JRC Fan 7ZBJD0004B for NDV-132 for JCY-1700
7ZBJD0008 JRC Battery Pack 7ZBJD0008 BP-227FM for JHS-430
7ZBKD0002A JRC Lithium Battery Kit 7ZBKD0002A/NBB-441 for Sart JRC JQX-30A
7ZCBS3002 JRC Flat Cable 7ZCBS3002 for JFE-585
7ZCBS7012B JRC Source Cable 7ZCBS7012B for JFV-45/50
7ZCBS7018A JRC Power Cable 7ZCBS7018A for JFC-500/JLS-500
7ZCJD0037A JRC Flatcable 7ZCJD0037A for JSB-196(GM) (W1/W2/W3)
7ZCJD0043A JRC Power Cable 7ZCJD0043A for JSB-196GM
7ZCJD0044A JRC Cable 7ZCJD0044A for JSB-196
7ZCJD0045 JRC RF Cable 7ZCJD0045 for JSB-196/JSS-2150
7ZCJD0060 JRC Cable 7ZCJD0060 W4 for NCT-196
7ZCJD0061 JRC Cable 7ZCJD0061 W5 for NCT-196
7ZCJD0062A JRC Power Cable 7ZCJD0062A for NCT-196
7ZCJD0104 JRC Ribbon Cable 7ZCJD0104 for NAH-692/695/698
7ZCJD0114 JRC Ribbon Cable 7ZCJD0114 for NAH-698
7ZCJD0214A JRC Connection Cable H-7ZCJD0214A for JHS-182
7ZCJD0220 JRC 5-Pin Ribbon Cable 7ZCJD0220 for JHS-183
7ZCJD0251 JRC Coaxial Cable 7ZCJD0251 0.5 m with connector for NAW-333
7ZCJD0255 JRC Interface Cable 7ZCJD0255 for NCR-333
7ZCJD0291B JRC TRX Coaxial Assembly 7ZCJD0291B
7ZCJD0296A JRC Cable 7ZCJD0296A for VHF
7ZCJD0300A JRC Cable 7ZCJD0300A (RS232C) for JSS-2150
7ZCJD0301 JRC Flat Cable 7ZCJD0301 W5 for NCM-2150 for JSS-2150
7ZCJD0302B JRC Flat Cable 7ZCJD0302B W6 for NCM-2150 for JSS-2150
7ZCJD0303A JRC Flat Cable 7ZCJD0303A W7 for NCM-2150 for JSS-2150
7ZCJD0304 JRC Flat Cable 7ZCJD0304 W8 for NCM-2150 for JSS-2150
7ZCJD0310A JRC Connector Cable 7ZCJD0310A for JHS-770S
7ZCJD0315 JRC PC Connector H-7ZCJD0315 for JHS-770S/780D
7ZCJD0329 JRC Cable 7ZCJD0329 Pwr Measuring cable for JHS-770/780
7ZCJD0330B JRC Cable 7ZCJD0330B with connector for NDZ-227
7ZCJD0332B JRC Cable 7ZCJD0332B with connector for NDZ-227
7ZCJD0347A JRC Power Cable 7ZCJD0347A
7ZCJD0363A JRC Cable 7ZCJD0363A with connector for NDZ-227
7ZCJD0364A JRC Flat Cable 7ZCJD0364A for NDZ-227 for JSS-2150
7ZCJD0365A JRC Flat Cable 7ZCJD0365A for NDZ-227 for JSS-2150
7ZCJD0389A JRC Cable 7ZCJD0389A for NDZ-227
7ZCJD0470 JRC Pigtail Cable W103 7ZCJD0470 for JHS-183
7ZCJDC002A JRC RF Cable 7ZCJDC002A for NTD-2150/JSS-2150
7ZCNA2010 JRC Cable 7ZCNA2010 / CW-376-5M for JFP-185BB
7ZCNA4046A JRC Power Cable 7ZCNA4046A for JAX-9x 0.5 m
7ZCNA4147A JRC Cable W71 7ZCNA4147 from NDC-1590 to NWZ-208
7ZCNA4151 JRC Cable 7ZCNA4151
7ZCRD0450C JRC Cable 7ZCRD0450C for NJU-64B/NJU64B1
7ZCRD0527C JRC Cable 7ZCRD0527C for NJU-63B/NJU63B1
7ZCRD0904 JRC Cable (W414) 7ZCRD0904 for JMA-5300 series
7ZCRD0905A JRC Cable (W415) 7ZCRD0905A for JMA-5300 series
7ZCRD0967 JRC AIS IF Cable 7ZCRD0967 for JMA-9900
7ZCRD1107A JRC Cable 7ZCRD1107A for JMA-610
7ZCRD1213 JRC H-7ZCRD1213 Brilliance Control Cable
7ZCRD1268 JRC Cable (W003) 7ZCRD1268 for NKE-1130
7ZCRD1278A JRC Performance Monitor Cable 7ZCRD1278A for JMA-5200/5300/9100
7ZCRD1332 JRC Cable 7ZCRD1332 with Connector (P6406 W62)
7ZCRD1457A JRC Cable H-7ZCRD1457A W305 for NKE-1139PM
7ZCRD1481 JRC Cable 7ZCRD1481 for JMA-5110
7ZCRD1503 JRC 7ZCRD1503 Earth Cable
7ZCRD1553 JRC Cable H-7ZCRD1553 for NKE-1139PM. W308
7ZCRD1591A JRC Cable 7ZCRD1591A W001 ZCRD1591 for JMA-610
7ZCRD1630 JRC Cable 7ZCRD1630 W305 ZCRD1630 for JMA-610
7ZCRD1713 JRC Corrugate Tube H-7ZCRD1713 for NKE-1125PM/1130PM
7ZCRD1745 JRC Connector cable H-7ZCRD1745 for JMR-5400 / NCM-963
7ZCSC0063 JRC Modem 7ZCSC0063 Dta modem CMK429B incl. 7ZCSC00
7ZCSC0170 JRC SBC Cable 7ZCSC0170 5 m for JUE-75A/C
7ZCSC0203A JRC DTE Signal Cable 7ZCSC0203A for JUE-85
7ZCSC0204 JRC DTE Power Cable 7ZCSC0204 2 m for JUE-85
7ZCSC0206 JRC Printer Power Cable H-7ZCSC0206 for JSS-2250/JUE85/NKG-800/900
7ZCSC0221 JRC Coaxial Cable 7ZCSC0221 for JUE-87
7ZCSC0242 JRC Coaxial Cable 7ZCSC0242
7ZCSC0278A JRC RJ coaxial cable H-7ZCSC0278A
7ZCSC0291 JRC Extension Cable 7ZCSC0291 5 m for handset for JUE-251
7ZCSC0298 JRC Ribbon Cable 7ZCSC0298 for JUE-410/85
7ZCSC0314A JRC JB1 Cable H-7ZCSC0314A for JUE-87
7ZCSC0320A JRC Cable 7ZCSC0320A for JUE-87
7ZCSC0321A JRC ROP Power Cable 7ZCSC0321 2 m for JUE-87
7ZCSC0322A JRC Signal Cable 7ZCSC0322A for NKG-800
7ZCSC0324A JRC Cable 7ZCSC0324A 2 m for JUE-87
7ZCSC0325 JRC JB2 cable H-7ZCSC0325 for JUE-87
7ZCSC0333 JRC Antenna Cable 7ZCSC0333 for JUE-87
7ZCSC0426 JRC Cable H-7ZCSC0426 for JUE-60GX
7ZCSC0427 JRC Cable H-7ZCSC0427 for JUE-60GX
7ZLNB0001 JRC Emergency Light 7ZLNB0001 for GMDSS
7ZLNB0002 JRC Emergency Light 7ZLNB0002 for GMDSS
7ZPJD0044 JRC Thermal Paper 7ZPJD0044 for NCR-330/NKG-84
7ZXJD0030 JRC Spare Parts 7ZXJD0030 for JSS-296
7ZXJD0075 JRC Data Connection Kit 7ZXJD0075 for NCR-333
7ZXJD0076 JRC Printer Connection 7ZXJD0076 for DPU-414
7ZXJD0080 JRC Fan 7ZXJD0080 (7ZBJD0010) for JCY-1800/1850
7ZXJD0092 JRC Fuses 7ZXJD0092 for JCY-1800/1850
7ZXJD0093 JRC Spare Parts 7ZXJD0093 for NWP-46 for JCY-1800/1850
7ZXJD0094 JRC Battery 7ZXJD0094 for JCY-1700
7ZXJD0095 JRC Battery 7ZXJD0095 for JCY-1800/1850
7ZXJD0113 JRC Fuses 7ZXJD0113 for NBG-319
7ZXJD0146A JRC Kit 7ZZXJD0146A for NAH-692/695/698
7ZXJD0150 JRC Repair kit 7ZXJD0150 for NCT-196N
7ZXNA4015 JRC Spare Parts H-7ZXNA4015
7ZXNA4016A JRC Spare Parts 7ZXNA4016A for NWP-69
7ZXNA4017A JRC Spare Part (Fuse) 7ZXNA4017A for NCT-82/83
7ZXSC8701 JRC (SO) Spare parts 7ZXSC8701
7ZYNA3001 JRC Noise Reduction kit 7ZYNA3001 for JLN-550
7ZYNA3002 JRC ACLine Multiplex Kit 7ZYNA3002 for NJC-24/JLN-550
7ZYNA3003 JRC CKJ171A Cable Kit 7ZYNA3003 for NJC-28/30/JLN650/652
7ZYNA4004 JRC 19 inch Monitor Fan 7ZYNA4004 for NWZ207/JMR72X/JMA72X
7ZYNA4005 JRC 26 MNU Fan 7ZYNA4005 for NWZ208/JMR92X/JAN92X
7ZYNA4006 JRC CCU Fan Repl. Kit 7ZYNA4006 for NDC1590/JMR92X/JAN92X
7ZYNA4007 JRC PSU Fan H-7ZYNA4007 for NBD913/JMR92X/JAN92X
7ZZCS00073 JRC LRIT Upgrade kit 7ZZCS00073 for JUE 75C with CN114
7ZZJD0017A JRC ROM Kit 7ZZJD0017A for JSS-710/720
7ZZJD0049 JRC Protection cover 7ZZJD0049 for beacon (VDR)
7ZZJD0052 JRC Frame grabber board 7ZZJD0052 for S-VDR
7ZZJD0056 JRC Beacon Kit 7ZZJD0056 for JCY-1000/1700
7ZZJD0059A JRC LCD-Kit 7ZZJD0059A for JSS-710/720
7ZZJD0069 JRC Kit 7ZZJD0069 for N-JDSART20
7ZZJD0079 JRC Cable 7ZZJD0079 for JSS-800
7ZZJD0080 JRC PA Kit 7ZZJD0080 for NAH-692
7ZZJD0081 JRC PA Kit 7ZZJD0081 for NAH-695
7ZZJD0083 JRC Cable 7ZZJD0083 for JSS-850
7ZZJD0105 JRC Ink Ribbon H-7ZZJD0105 7Q1VP80S for NKG-900
7ZZJD0106 JRC Replacement kit 7ZZJD0106 for JSB-196/196GM
7ZZJD0115 JRC Software Upgrade Kit 7ZZJD0115 for NDZ-227 // JSS-X96
7ZZJD0123 JRC ROM Kit 7ZZJD0123 for NCT-196N-R
7ZZNA0441A JRC Recovery 7ZZNA0441A for JAN-701/901/901M
7ZZNA0442 JRC Recovery CD 7ZZNA0442 for JAN-701/901/901M
7ZZNA2001 JRC Software 7ZZNA2001 for JFE-582
7ZZNA2003 JRC ROM Kit 7ZZNA2003 for JFE-380
7ZZNA2004 JRC ROM Kit 7ZZNA2004 for JFE-680 including 7DENA2002C
7ZZNA2006A JRC Power Level Kit 7ZZNA2006A for JFE-380-25
7ZZNA2007A JRC Power Change Kit 7ZZNA2007A for JFE-380-55
7ZZNA2008A JRC Power Level Kit 7ZZNA2008A for JFE-680-25
7ZZNA2009A JRC Power Level Kit 7ZZNA2009A for JFE-680-25
7ZZNA2015 JRC ROM Replacement Kit 7ZZNA2015 for JFE-380
7ZZNA2016 JRC ROM Replacement Kit 7ZZNA2016 for JFE-680
7ZZNA3002 JRC ROM Kit 7ZZNA3002 for JLN-205
7ZZNA4026 JRC Boot CD 7ZZNA4026 for JAN-701B/901B JMA-900B
7ZZNA4028 JRC Boot CD 7ZZNA4028 for JAN-2000BB
7ZZNA4029 JRC Image CD 7ZZNA4029 for JAN-2000BB
7ZZNA4042 JRC HDD-IDE Kit 7ZZNA4042 for JCY-1000
7ZZNA4043A JRC ROM Kit 7ZZNA4043A for JLR-7700MK2
7ZZNA4049 JRC Image CD 7ZZNA4049 for JMA-922B
7ZZNA4061 JRC Recovery CD 7ZZNA4061 for JAN-2000BB
7ZZNA4065A JRC CPU Fan Kit 7ZZNA4065A for JAN-7/901B/2000/JMA-900
7ZZNA4081 JRC Beacon Kit 7ZZNA4081 (Dukane DKM502) for JCY-1700S/1800/1850
7ZZNA4103 JRC CPU Fan kit 7ZZNA4103 for NCM860A/NDC2000M2
7ZZNA4105A JRC Boot CD 7ZZNA4105A for JAN-901B
7ZZNA4106 JRC Silicon Disk Drive 7ZZNA4106 for JAN-701/901/901M
7ZZNA4109 JRC Recovery Image CD 7ZZNA4109 for JAN-701B/901B
7ZZNA4118 JRC DVD Kit 7ZZNA4118 for JCY-1000/JAN-701/901M
7ZZNA4118A JRC DVD Drive (IDE Type) 7ZZNA4118 for JCY-1000/JAN701/901M
7ZZNA4118B JRC DVD Drive(IDE Type) 7ZZNA4118B for JAN701M/901M/JCY1000
7ZZNA4119A JRC Replacement kit 7ZZNA4119A for NCM860A
7ZZNA4120 JRC Image Disk 7ZZNA4120 for JAN-701B/901B with NCM860A
7ZZNA4129A JRC VGA Card 7ZZNA4129A for JAN-701/901/901M
7ZZNA4133 JRC Memory card 7ZZNA4133 for JAN-901B/701B/JMA-900B
7ZZNA4134 JRC Battery Repl. Kit 7ZZNA4134 for the RCU for JCY-1900 (CBN80)
7ZZNA4138 JRC Beacon Kit 7ZZNA4138 for NDH-338/JCY-1900
7ZZNA4150 JRC HRU H-7ZZNA4150 for NDH338/JCY-1900-1950
7ZZNA4152 JRC Image CD 7ZZNA4152 for NDC-2000M2
7ZZNA4153 JRC Deproy Center FD Kit 7ZZNA4153
7ZZNA4156 JRC Replacement Kit 7ZZNA4156 for JAN701B/901B
7ZZNA4161 JRC Soft Update Kit H-7ZZNA4161 for JAN-701B/901B
7ZZNA4163 JRC Soft Update Kit H-7ZZNA4163 for JAN-2000/1186
7ZZSC0021 JRC Sensor Kit 7ZZSC0021 for Epirb JQE-2A
7ZZSC0023 JRC Hydrostatic Release 7ZZSC0023 for Epirb JQE-3A
7ZZSC0034 JRC SSAS upgrade kit voor JUE-75C type 7ZZSC0034
7ZZSC0036 JRC Lithium Battery 7ZZSC0036 for Epirb JQE-3A
7ZZSC0048 JRC Harness 7ZZSC0048 for JUE-410F
7ZZSC0074 JRC LRIT upgrade 7ZZSC0074 For JUE-85
7ZZSC0080 JRC Hydrostatic Release 7ZZSC0080 for Epirb JQE-103
7ZZSC0081 JRC HR Sensor kit 7ZZSC0081 for JQE-103
7ZZSC0082 JRC Lithium Battery 7ZZSC0082 for Epirb JQE-103A
7ZZSC0093A JRC DTE Rom 7ZZSC0093A for JUE-85
7ZZSC0096 JRC SSAS Kit 7ZZSC0096 for JUE-75C
BRBP00043 JRC Wire Clipper BRBP00043 for JSS-296/596/896
BRBP05415 JRC Cover SW Assy BRBP05415 for NCM-2150
BRBX05030 JRC Trunk pipe BRBX05030 for JFP-180
BRBX05037 JRC Trunk pipe BRBX05037 for JFP-180
BRBX05373 JRC Joint Pipe BRBX05373
BRDM00463 JRC Lock Cylinder BRDM00463 C-88-8A for JCY-1800/1850
BRDM05227 JRC Key BRDM05227 for JCY-1000
BRDM05228 JRC Key J85 BRDM05228 for NDV-1800/1850
BRGK00159 JRC V-Belt BRGK00159 for NKE-1016
BRGK00572 JRC V-Belt BRGK00572 for NKE-1017
BRGK01089 JRC V-Belt BRGK01089 for JMA-6000/8000
BRGK05425 JRC Cross EL Timing Belt BRGK05425 for JUE-33/250
BRGK05429 JRC EL Timing Belt BRGK05429 for JUE-33/250
BRGK05484 JRC Timing Belt BRGK0548 406-2GT-6
BRGK05582 JRC AZ Timing Belt BRGK05582 for JUE-501
BRGK05583 JRC EL Timing Belt BRGK05583 for JUE-501
BRGK05585 JRC Belt 248-2GT-6 BRGK05585 for JUE-500
BRGK05599 JRC Timing belt BRGK05599 for JUE-501, 284-2GT-6
BRNN05030 JRC Label kit BRNN05030 for NDH-288A/B
BRPK00019 JRC O-Ring BRPK00019 for NKE-2042
BRPK00054 JRC O-Ring BRPK00054 for NKE-1059
BRPK00189 JRC V-Ring V-100 BRPK00189 for NKE-1125/1130
BRPK00354 JRC V-packing BRPK00354 for NKF-531
BRPK05018 JRC Rubber V Packing BRPK05018 VPF-85-311 for NKF-772
BRSW00101 JRC Carbon Brush BRSW00101 for NKE-2102
BRTG00383 JRC Bolt BRTG00383
BRTG00384 JRC Nut BRTG00384 for NKF-531
BRTG00386 JRC Spring Washer BRTG00386 for JLN-627
BRTG00561 JRC (SO) Hex Screw BRTG00561 3mm M3X3SUS
BRTG03138 JRC Flat Washer BRTG03138
BRTG09152 JRC Head Screw BRTG09152 for NDZ-227
BRXP0016W JRC Shackle BRXP0016W
BRXP00291 JRC Seal BRXP00291 for JMA-9823-7XA
BRXP00845 JRC Aerial Thimble BRXP00845 JISB280-22 JOSB2802 64A8
BRXP05082 JRC Carbon Brush BRXP05082 (54511-03) for NKE-1056
BRXP05247 JRC Brush BRXP05247 for JMA-5200/2343/44
BRXP05584 JRC Shackle BRXP05584 for JSS-296/596/896
BSNC04010B JRC Fixing Material BSNC04010B for Noise reduction
BSSK03006B JRC Fixing Material BSSK03006B for Noise reduction
CAE-263 JRC IF AMP PCB CAE-263 for JSS-710/720
CAE-344-4 JRC Receiver PCB type CAE-344-4 (CAE-344-4) for radar JRC JMA-9900 (NKE-1075)
CAE-475-1 JRC Receiver CAE-475-1 for NKE-2102
CAF-450 JRC Frequency Amplifier CAF-450 for JSS-850/296
CAG121-3 JRC LNA CAG-121-1 for GSC-121-1
CAG-2180-1 JRC GPS Antenna CAG-2180-1 for JHS-182 (LNA Unit)
CAH-1960 JRC Power Amplifier CAH-1960 for JSB-196GM
CAH-1960-S JRC PA Unit CAH-1960-S for JSB-196
CAH-2415 JRC Power Amplifier CAH-2415 for JSS-2150
CAH2425 JRC PA Unit CAH-2425 for NTD-2250
CAH-2692-A JRC Power Amplifier CAH-2692-A for JSS-296/596/896
CAL-8607 JRC Power Amplifier CAL-8607 (NVA-1800)
CAR-117 JRC Drive Amplifier CAR-117 for JSS-710
CAR-853A JRC Drive Amplifier CAR-853A for JSS-850
CAV-11 JRC Antenna CAV-11 for JHS-32A/B/770S/780D
CAV-12 JRC Antenna Bracket CAV-12 for JHS-32A/B/770S/780D
CAV2180-2 JRC VHF Antenna CAV-2180-2 for NTE-183/182
CAW-1 JRC Beacon Antenna CAW-1 for JLR-4341/JLR-7800
CAY62-2CR JRC Antenna Element CAY-62-2CR for NNN-21/31
CAY-71 JRC PM Unit CAY-71 for NKE-1532
CBA-249 JRC Rectifier CBA-249 for JMA-9800
CBA-389 JRC Power Supply H-CBA-389 for NWZ-173/JMA7100/5300
CBD1069A JRC EME powersupply CBD1069A for JUE75A
CBD-1084 JRC Power Supply CBD-1084 for JMA-8000
CBD-1151B JRC Power Supply CBD-1151B For JUE-75A/C
CBD-1220 JRC Power Supply CBD-1220 for JMA-9000
CBD-1226 JRC MHPS Circuit CBD-1226 for JMA-9000
CBD-1230 JRC Power Supply CBD-1230 for JHS-32A
CBD-1252 JRC AVR CCT 28 inch Monitor CBD-1252 for JMA-9000
CBD1283-JA JRC Power Supply CBD-1283-JA for JMA-2253
CBD-1291-J JRC PSU CBD-1291-J for NCD-3508
CBD-1479 JRC Power Supply CBD-1479 (CBD-1479) for radar JMA-608. H-7PCRD1495 (PC5102)
CBD-1480 JRC Power Supply CBD-1480 (CBD-1480) for radar JMA-608. H-7PCRD1496 (PC5103)
CBD-1596 JRC Power Supply CBD-1596 for JMA-2300
CBD-1625 JRC Power Supply CBD-1625 for JAN-701/901
CBD-1626 JRC UPS Battery CBD-1626 for JAN-701(B)/901(B)
CBD-1628A JRC DC-DC Converter CBD-1628A for JAN-701/901
CBD-1629 JRC LCD Power Supply CBD-1629 for JAN-901
CBD-1631A JRC ADE Power Supply PCB CBD-1631A for JUE-410F
CBD-1632B JRC Power Supply PCB CBD-1632B For JUE-410F
CBD1637A1 JRC Power Supply CBD-1637A1 for NJC-24
CBD-1638 JRC Power Control Board CBD-1638 for JMA-5100
CBD-1645 JRC Power Supply PCB CBD-1645 for JMA-5300
CBD-1646 JRC Power Supply CBD-1646 for JFC-130
CBD-1655 JRC Power Supply Circuit CBD-1655 (CBD-1655) for JMA-609 (processor box NDC-1337)
CBD-1661A JRC Power Supply CBD-1661A for JMA-9100/9900
CBD-1682A JRC Power Supply CBD-1682A for NKE-1125/30/2254
CBD-1779 JRC Motor Control CBD-1779 for NKE-2103/2254
CBD-1783 JRC Power Supply CBD-1783 for NKE-2103
CBD-1798 JRC PCU CBD-1798 for NKE-1532
CBD-1810 JRC PS PCB CBD-1810 for JFE-380
CBD-1811 JRC Power Supply CBD-1811 for JFE-680-25
CBD-1813 JRC Power Supply CBD-1813 (CBD-1813) for JFE-380-25
CBD-1818 JRC Power Supply PCB CBD-1818 for NDC-2000
CBD1825 JRC Power Supply CBD-1825 for NJC-30/JLN-652
CBD-1832 JRC Power Supply CBD-1832 for JAN-701B/901B/JMA-922B
CBD1907-1 JRC Power Supply CBD-1907-1 for JUE-87
CBD1929 JRC DC/DC PS Unit CBD-1929 for NCK-175/JCX-161
CBD1947 JRC ATX Power Supply CBD-1947 NDC-2000MKII for JAN-2000BB
CBD1948 JRC UPS Batt CBD-1948 for NDC2000-M2
CBD1949 JRC MDC CBD-1949 for NKE-1632/2632
CBD-2010 JRC Driver CBD-2010 (220V) for NKE-1532
CBD-2182 JRC Power Supply CBD-2182 for JHS-182
CBD-2415 JRC Power Supply CBD-2415 for JSS-2150
CBD2983 JRC PSU CBD-2983 for NCM983/JHS-183
CBD-7701 JRC Terminal Board CBD-7701 for JHS-770S/780D
CBE2692-1 JRC Transformer unit CBE-2692-1 for NAH692/695/JSS296/59
CBE2698-1 JRC Transformer Unit CBE-2698-1 for NAH-698/JSS-896
CBF-38 JRC Inverter CBF-38 for JAN-701B
CBG2415 JRC DC DC Unit CBG-2415 for NBD-2250/2500
CBG2416 JRC PA PS Unit CBG-2416 for NBD-2250/2500
CBG-2692-B JRC Power Supply PCB CBG-2692-B (CBG-2692-B) for JSS-296/596/896
CBG-711 JRC DC-DC Converter CBG-711 for JSS-710/720
CBH-3 JRC Motor Control Circuit CBH-3 for NKE-2252
CBH6 JRC Interface Circuit CBH-6 for NJC-30/JLN-652
CBJ165 JRC PS Input Board CBJ-165 for NCK-175/JCX-161
CBJ166 JRC Filter CBJ-166 for NCT-82/83/84/NWP69
CBJ-710U JRC Power Supply Control CBJ-710U for JSS-710/720
CBL-109 JRC Power control unit CBL-109 for JLN-205
CBL-1221 JRC Filter Unit CBL-1221 for JHS-180/NQE-3111
CBL128-1 JRC ACDC Sub CBL-128 for NTF329/JUE60GX
CBM-168 JRC Power Supply Board CBM-168 for JCY-1800/1850
CBM221 JRC Power Supply Unit CBM-221 for NDV-1900/JCY-1900
CBM-710 JRC Power Supply Board CBM-710 for JSS-710
CBP-123 JRC Motor CBP-123 (MPEM30088A = With Gear) for NKE-1052/1059 S-band, 220VAC, 1 phase
CBP-136 JRC Motor CBP-136 for JMA-3253/3807/7710, X-band
CBP-139 JRC Motor Assy MPGK30609A/CBP-139 for JMA-5110/5210/5310-6/R(NKE-2102) former CBP167
CBP-143 JRC Motor Control Board CBP-143 for JMA-3910/7710, X-band
CBP-153 JRC Motor CBP-153/7BDRD0041 X-band for NKE-2062
CBP-169 JRC Motor CBP-169/7BDRD0042 for NKE-283/JMA-609. With motor drive circuit
CBP-172 JRC Motor CBP-172 (without gear) for NKE-1087/1089 X-band, 220VAC 3 phase
CBP-173A JRC Fan CBP-173A for JMA-7100/5300
CBP-181 JRC Motor Control CBP-181 for NKE-2252
CBP-217 JRC Motor + Gear CBP-217 for NKE-316/JMA-610 incl. MDC TD12951A
CBP-218 JRC Motor CBP-218 for NKE-2063 for JMA-3336, X-band
CBP-220 JRC Fan CBP-220 for NCD-9170
CCB1655A JRC Break Circuit CCB-1655A for NKE-1532/JMA-9172-SA
CCB-452 JRC Scanner Control PCB CCB-452 for NKE-1042 (CCB-452)
CCB-646 JRC Motor Drive PCB CCB-646 for JFP-180
CCB655A JRC Brake Control CCB655A for NKE-1125/29/1130/39
CCB690 JRC Motor Driver Circuit CCB-690 for NKE2255/JMR-5400
CCC-228 JRC Sensor Board CCC-228 for JSS-710/20
CCH-246 JRC Control Circuit CCH-246 for JMA-9800
CCK-1000 JRC Trackball CCK-1000 for JMA-5300MKII
CCK-1013 JRC Trackball CCK-1013 for JMA-7/9100/900/JAN-701/901
CCK1060-1 JRC Trackball CCK-1060 for NCM928/JMR9/4/JAN9/7
CCK1069 JRC Operation circuit SW CCK-1069 for NCM928/JMR-7200/9200
CCK1098 JRC Operation circuit C CCK-1098 for NCM963-E/J/JMR-5400
CCK1099 JRC Operation circuit D CCK-1099 for NCM963-E/J/JMR-5400
CCK-2779 JRC Panel Unit CCK-2779 for JHS-182
CCK-3771 JRC Main Panel CCK-3771 for JHS-770S
CCK-3772 JRC Sub Panel CCK-3772 for JHS-770S
CCK-3775 JRC Main Panel Unit CCK-3775 for JSS-2150
CCK-3776 JRC Sub Panel Unit CCK-3776 for JSS-2150
CCK-710 JRC Front Panel PCB CCK-710 for JHS-32A
CCK-773 JRC Operation Unit CCK-773 for NCD-3717
CCK-790 JRC Panel Circuit CCK-790 for NCD-3780
CCK-831 JRC Panel Unit CCK-831 for JFE-582/585
CCK-872 JRC Soft Key Panel CCK-872 for NCD-4170/NCD-2237
CCK-886 JRC Operational PCB CCK-886 for JCY-1700
CCK-900 JRC PCB CCK-900 for JAN-701/901/JMA-9922
CCK-901 JRC Panel Circuit 2 CCK-901 for JAN-701/901/JMA-9922
CCK902B JRC Panel Circuit CCK-902B for JAN-701/901/JMA-9900
CCK-905 JRC Key Panel PCB CCK-905 for JMA-5300
CCK-915 JRC Dimmer CCK-915 for NWZ-147
CCK-935 JRC OPB CCK-935 for NCG-169
CCK-962 JRC Main unit CCK-962 for JFE-380
CCK-969 JRC Front Panel Circuit CCK-969 for JAN-2000
CCK-970 JRC Brilliance Contr. PCB CCK-970 for NWZ-164
CCK-972A JRC LCD Operation Panel CCK-972A for JMA-9100
CCK-973 JRC Operation A CCK-973 for NCD-4990/2095/2096
CCK-974 JRC Operation B CCK-974 for NCD-4990/2095/2096
CCK-975 JRC OPE C CCK-975 for JMA-900B
CCK-976 JRC Operation Circuit D CCK-976 for JMA-9100
CCK-989 JRC Dimmer CCK-989 for NWZ-173
CCK-991 JRC Main Operation Circuit CCK-991 for JMA-3300
CCN-3227-1 JRC Color LCD unit CCN-3227-1 for JSS-2150
CCN-392A JRC LCD CCN-392A for NCR-333/JLR-20/30/7500
CCN415 JRC LCD Unit CCN-415 for JFE-680
CCN-416 JRC Panel Assy 6.5" CCN-416 for JFE-380/680
CCN423 JRC LCD Unit CCN-423 for NCM983/NWZ4650/4610
CCN464 JRC LED Display CCN-464 for JFE-680
CDC1013 JRC ARPA PCB CDC-1013 (CDC1013) - PC4403 for radar JRC JMA-7700
CDC-1065 JRC ARPA Processing PCB CDC-1065 for JMA-9800
CDC-1066 JRC Signal Process Unit CDC-1066 for NCD-4111 for JMA-9800
CDC-1129 JRC Processor PCB CDC-1129 for JMA-9000/9800MKII
CDC-1185 JRC Radar Processor PCB CDC-1185 for NDC-4225/JAN-901-EOR
CDC-1186D JRC ARPA PCB CDC-1186D for NCD-4990 for JMA-9100
CDC-1189A JRC Main Board CDC-1189A for JLN-550
CDC-1190 JRC Radar I/F Ckt. CDC-1190 for JAN-901-EOR/NDC-4225
CDC-1190A JRC Radar I/F CDC-1190A for JMA-922M6X/Jan-7X/NCD-4308
CDC-1198 JRC CPU Board CDC-1198 for JMA-5300
CDC-1198Y JRC Processor Board CDC-1198Y for JMA-609
CDC-1209 JRC ARPA PCB CDC-1209 for NCD-4263 for JMA-9800/9900
CDC-1228 JRC Signal Processor CDC-1228 for JLN-205
CDC-1300 JRC Main Processor Board CDC-1300 for JMA-5200
CDC-1325 JRC AIS Processor Board CDC-1325 for JMA-9100
CDC-1331 JRC DSP unit CDC-1331 for JLN-650/NJC-28
CDC1332F JRC Radar Processor CDC-1332F for JMA-5300MKII
CDC-1346B JRC Processor Circuit CDC-1346B for JSS-2150
CDC-1346BD JRC Control Unit CDC-1346BD for NDZ-227X
CDC-1346BR JRC Processor Circuit CDC-1346BR for JMA-3300
CDC1346C1 JRC Processor Circuit CDC-1346C1 for JUE-87
CDC1346CR JRC Processor Circuit CDC-1346CR for NTF-318/JUE-87
CDC1346RR JRC Processor Circuit CDC-1346RR for NCD-2182-E/-J for JMA-3300
CDC-1347 JRC Processor Board CDC-1347 for NJC-29 for JFP-180
CDC-1349 JRC Signal Proc Board CDC-1349 for NKE-1532
CDC1350F JRC Main Processor CDC-1350F for JMA-5200MKII
CDC-619M JRC CPU Circuit CDC-619M for JSS-710/720/800
CDC-622-1 JRC CPU CDC-622-1 for JMA-8000MK2
CDC-623 JRC ARPA CPU CDC-623 for JMA-6252/8263
CDC-800 JRC Tuner Control CDC-800 for JSS-800
CDC-805C JRC Processor Unit CDC-805C for NJC-23/23C/JLN-628
CDC-876-2 JRC ARPA PCB CDC-876-2 for JMA-9000
CDD1339 JRC Storage Unit CDD-1339 for NDH-339
CDD-608 JRC ROM (Ramdac) CDD-608 for JMA-9700
CDD611-1 JRC Memory Card CDD611-1 for NWU-800/JLS-700XJ/JLZ-700
CDD-648 JRC Memory DAC circuit CDD-648 (CDD-648) for radar JRC JMA-608 (PC4403)
CDD690B JRC HDD Unit CDD-690B for JMA-900M/JAN-901
CDD-716 JRC Silicon Disk CDD-716 for JAN-2000
CDD717A JRC HDD CDD-717 for NDC-2000/JAN-2000
CDD719B JRC SATA-DVD-D CDD-719B for NCM-860/NDC-2000
CDD-723 JRC Silicon Disk CDD-723 for JAN-701B/901B
CDD-725AT JRC Silicon Disk CDD-725AT for NSD-58/JSS-280
CDD-733B JRC Upgrade Kit CDD-733B for JMA-7100/9100
CDD-734 JRC CF Card Adapter CDD-734 for 7HRJD0002A/B
CDD747B JRC DVD Drive CDD-747 for NCM860A/NDC2000M2
CDD748B JRC Flash Disk CDD-748 for ECDIS (NCM-860A)
CDD749B JRC HDD CDD-749 for NCM-860A/JAN701B/JAN901B
CDD753-1 JRC SSD CDD753-1 256GB for JMR-7200/9200
CDD754-1 JRC DVD Drive CDD-754-1 for MFD
CDD756 JRC SSD CDD-756 for NDC-1900 for JCY-1900
CDD788B JRC SSD Drive CDD-788B for NDC2000-M2
CDD789B JRC HDD Drive CDD789B for NDC2000-M2/JAN-2000
CDE-1011 JRC Display circuit CDE-1011 for JLN-550
CDE-1012 JRC Display CDE-1012 for NWW-60/JLN-500
CDE-1779 JRC LCD CDE-1779 for JHS-182
CDE-3770 JRC LCD unit CDE-3770 for JHS-770S
CDE-800 JRC LCD CDE-800 for JHS-32A/B
CDE-96C JRC Display CDE-96C for JLN-203
CDF-490A JRC Interface Board CDF-490A for JLN-628
CDG-2300A JRC Printer interface CDG2300A for navtex NCR300A
CDG-316 JRC Printer Interface CDG-316 for NKG-52
CDG-370 JRC Paper Lead CDG-370 for JFE-570S
CDJ-1038 JRC Tuning Control PCB CDJ-1038 for JSS-710/720
CDJ-1085 JRC DSC Modem CDJ-1085 (CDJ-1085) for JSS-800
CDJ-1100 JRC Local Control PCB CDJ-1100 for JSS-710/720
CDJ-1117-2 JRC Remote Control CDJ-1117-2 for NCH-700 for JSS-710/720
CDJ-1489 JRC Control Board CDJ-1489 for NCH-414, for JHS-32A
CDJ-1490C JRC Control Unit CDJ-1490C for JHS-32B/32B-1
CDJ-1604N JRC PC Board CDJ-1604N for JSS-850/NDZ-800
CDJ-1800 JRC Local Controller PCB CDJ-1800 for JSS-800
CDJ-1853 JRC Tuner Control CDJ-1853 for JSS-850
CDJ-1960-2 JRC Control Unit CDJ-1960-2 for JSS-196/296
CDJ-1960-5 JRC Control Unit CDJ-1960-5 for JSS-596
CDJ-1960-8 JRC Control Unit CDJ-1960-8 for JSS-896
CDJ-1980 JRC NBDP PCB CDJ-1980 (CDJ-1980) for MF/HF JRC JSS-710/720/800
CDJ-1999 JRC Control Board CDJ-1999 for NCT-196
CDJ-1999N JRC Control Board CDJ-1999N for JSS-296/596/896
CDJ-2047 JRC Control Unit CDJ-2047 for JHS-180
CDJ-2142 JRC Main Control Board CDJ-2142 for JCY-1700
CDJ-2154 JRC Main PCB CDJ-2154 for JLN-550 model NWW60/61/JLN-550
CDJ-2155 JRC Signal Processor CDJ-2155 for JLN-550
CDJ-2181 JRC CPU Motherboard CDJ-2181 for NVA-1810MK2G/H
CDJ-2282A JRC Control Unit CDJ-2282A for JHS-182
CDJ-2300B JRC Main Procesor CDJ-2300B for NCR-300A
CDJ-2304 JRC Main Control Board CDJ-2304 for JCY-1800/1850
CDJ-2333 JRC Dry Contact PCB CDJ-2333 for JCY-1800/1850
CDJ-2338-1 JRC Main Control PCB CDJ-2338-1 for JFE-380
CDJ2338A2 JRC Main Control Unit CDJ-2338A2 for JFE-680
CDJ2338AL JRC Main Uni CDJ-2338AL for JFE-680
CDJ-2373 JRC Serial Relay Board CDJ-2373 for JAN-701B/901B
CDJ-2383 JRC Main PCB CDJ-2383 for JFP-180 (Discontinued)
CDJ-2410-1 JRC OIB CDJ-2410-1 for JUE-500
CDJ2464CR JRC I/F Unit CDJ-2464 for NTF-318/JUE-87
CDJ2483 JRC Control Unit CDJ-2483 for NTE183/JHS-183
CDJ2486 JRC Control Circuit CDJ-2486 for NCK-175/JCX-161
CDJ2510 JRC Main Control Board CDJ-2510 for NDV-1900/1950 for JCY-1900
CDJ2525 JRC Tuner Cont CDJ-2525 for NFC-2250/2500/JSS-2250
CDJ2692-2A JRC Main Control Unit CDJ-2692-2A for NAH-692/JSS-296
CDJ2692-5A JRC Control Unit CDJ-2692-5A model NAH-695/JSS-596
CDJ2692-8A JRC Main Cont Unit CDJ-2692-8A for NAH-698/JSS-896
CDJ-2779 JRC Control PCB CDJ-2779 for JHS-182
CDJ-2960 JRC Tuner Control CDJ-2960-2 for JSS-296
CDJ2983 JRC Data Processing Unit CDJ-2983 for JHS-183
CDJ-3182 JRC Input/Output Control CDJ-3182 for JHS-182
CDJ-3770 JRC Control Unit CDJ-3770 for JHS-770S
CDJ3770P JRC Control Unit CDJ3770P for NCM1770AP/JHS770S/780
CDJ-3775 JRC Control Unit CDJ-3775 for JSS-2150
CDJ-42C JRC Clock Unit PCB CDJ-42C for JLN-201/202/203
CDJ-7701S1 JRC Control and AF Unit CDJ-7701S1 for NTE-770S
CDJ7701SP JRC Cont & AF Unit CDJ-7701SP for NTE770SAP/JHS-770S
CDK-154-1 JRC Pulse Width Circuit CDK-154-1 for JMA-6000/8000MKII
CDK-191 JRC Keyboard PCB CDK-191 for JSS-710/720
CDK-287 JRC CDK-287 Remote Maintenance Board CDK-287 for JCY-1800/1850
CDK-805 JRC CDK-805 Meter Select PCB for JSS-850
CDT-1962 JRC Panel Board CDT-1962 for NCT-196N
CED-34-J JRC Time Base PCB CED-34-J for JMA-7000/9000
CED-41-J JRC Time Base PCB CED-41-J for JMA-9700
CEH-23 JRC Horizontal Beam CEH-23 for NTB-14 for JFS-80
-XOF 252 JRC Brake Circuit CFA-252 for NKE-2103
-XOF 253 JRC Brake Circuit CFA-253 for NKE-1125/1129
-XOF 255 JRC Brake Circuit CFA-255 for NKE-1130/1139
-XOF 257 JRC Brake Circuit CFA-257 for NKE-2254
CFF-377 JRC Combiner CFF-377 for JSS-720
CFF-498B JRC Duplexer CFF-498B for JHS-32B
CFF-853 JRC Combiner CFF-853 for JSS-850
CFF-896 JRC CS Unit CFF-896 for JSS-596/896
CFG-107 JRC Tuning PCB CFG-107 for JSS-710/720
CFG-196 JRC Matching Control Unit CFG-196 for JSB-196
CFG-2150 JRC Matching Unit CFG-2150 for JSS-2150
CFG2250 JRC Matching Unit CFG-2250 for NFC-2250/JSS-2250
CFG-2330 JRC Antenna coupler CFG-2330 for NCR-330
CFG-296-A JRC Matching Unit CFG-296-A for JSS-296
CFG-801Z JRC Antenna Tuner PCB CFG-801Z for JSS-800
CFG-853 JRC Tuning Circuit CFG-853 for JSS-850
CFG-896 JRC Coupler Unit CFG-896 for JSS-596/896
CFH-59 JRC IF FILTER PCB CFH-59 for JSS-710/720
CFH-67A JRC CFH-67A Interface Filter for JSS-800
CFH-72 JRC Interface Filter CFH-72 for JSS-825
CFJ-1710 JRC Noise Filter CFJ-1710 for JSS-710/720
CFJ-1810 JRC Noise filter CFJ-1810 (CFJ-1810) for MF/HF JRC JSS-800
CFJ2425 JRC LPF Unit CFJ-2425 for NTD-2250/2500
CFL-269 JRC Tuning PCB CFL-269 for JSS-700
CFL-271 JRC RF Tune CFL-271 for JSS-700
CFL-326A JRC Radio Frequency Tuner CFL-326A for NRD-840W
CFL-451A JRC ASC CFL-451A for JUE-410F
CFQ-3428 JRC Motherboard CFQ3428 (CFQ-3428) for MF/HF JSS-800 (NRD-740) 6PCJD00582B
CFQ-5484 JRC Power Cable CFQ-5484 for Fishfinder JRC JFC-600
CFQ-5924A3 JRC Antenna cable CFQ-5924A3 for Fleet-33 JRC JUE-33
CFQ5924F3 JRC Antenna Cable CFQ-5924F3 for JUE-251
CFQ-6556 JRC Power Cable CFQ-6556 For JLR-10
CFQ-6678 JRC Mother board PCB type CFQ-6678 (CFQ-6678) for radar JRC JMA-608.
CFQ-6776 JRC Power Cable 2MT CFQ-6776
CFQ-6901 JRC Video cable 5m with connectors for NWZ-146
CFQ-6934 JRC Power Cable CFQ-6934 for JLR-10/JMA-5100
CFQ6981-4B JRC Cable CFQ-6981-4B for JLN-550/CFT-033-A
CFQ8026-10 JRC Antenna Cable CFQ-8026-10 10 m for JMA-2353
CFQ8029-15 JRC Control Cable CFQ-8029-15 15 m
CFQ-8410 JRC Source Cable H-CFQ-8410 for NWZ-4551
CFQ8768-15 JRC Scanner cable CFQ8768-15 for radar 1000
CFQ-8919 JRC Data Cable CFQ-8919 L=5m for JLR-7700/NWZ-4570
CFQ-8921 JRC Data Cable CFQ-8921 3 m
CFQ-9129 JRC Cable CFQ-9129 for JFE-380
CFQ-9130 JRC Power Cable CFQ-9130 for JFE-380
CFQ-9133 JRC Cable CFQ-9133 for JFE-380
CFQ9900 JRC Power cable CFQ-9900 2m for NCD-2256/JMA-1030
CFS5680 JRC Interface Cable CFS-5680 for JLN-740
CFT022C01 JRC Transducer Element CFT-022C01 2MHZ TD L=40mtr
CFT022C30 JRC Transducer CFT-022C30 30M, for JLN-205/205MK2 (NKF-547)
CFT023C01 JRC Transducer CFT-023C01 for NKF-531E
CFT-033-A JRC Transducer CFT-033-A for JLN-550
CFT-2501HFB JRC Transducer CFT-2501HFB for JFC-600
CFT-2505 JRC Transducer CFT-2505 9/35 degrees, 500W, 200/50KHz
CFT-310 JRC Transducer CFT-310 28kHz, 31 degrees, 1KW
CFT-320 JRC Transducer CFT-320 for JFC-130HP
CFT-505 JRC Transducer CFT-505 (CFT-505) 500W, 50KHz; 35 degrees. For E/S JRC
CFT-520 JRC Transducer CFT-520 for JFC-130HP
CFT-710 JRC Transducer 1kW CFT-710, 75kHz 17 degrees, Rubber
CFT-720A JRC Transducer CFT-720A 3kw 75kHz 11 Degree for JFV-
CGA-153 JRC Loop 1 CGA-153 for JSS-710/720/800
CGA-154 JRC Loop 2 CGA-154 for JSS-710/720/800
CGC300BN2 JRC External buzzer CGC300BN2
CGD-142M JRC REF/BFO Board CGD-142M (CGD-142M) for MF/HF JRC JSS-710/720/800
CHA1900 JRC VDR ARB CHA-1900 for NDV-1900/JCY-1900
CHA-372 JRC Audio Recording Board CHA-372 for JCY-1700
CHA-387 JRC Audio Recording Board CHA-387 for JCY-1800/1850
CHA-396 JRC IF IO CHA-396 for NKE-1532
CHE-189H JRC Frequency Translation Unit CHE-189H for JUE-300B
CHE-202A JRC Frequency Translation Unit CHE-202A for JUE-310B
CHE-275A JRC Frequency Translation Unit CHE-275A for JUE-75C
CHG-188A JRC Sensor Board CHG-188A for JUE-410F
CHG-189A JRC Rate Sensor CHG-189A for JUE-410F
CHG-200 JRC Elevator Sensor CHG-200 for JUE-33
CHG-201 JRC Rate Sensor CHG-201 for JUE-33
CHM-378 JRC NSK Interface CHM-378 for JCY-1800/1850
CHT-1071A JRC Encoder CHT-1071A for NKE-1532
CHT-63A JRC Sensor CHT-63A for JMA-9800
CHT71C JRC Rotary Encoder/Bearing Pulse Circuit CHT-71C (CHT-71C) for NKE-1125/1130/2103/2254
CHT71C1 JRC Rotary Encoder/Bearing Pulse Circuit CHT-71C1 (CHT-71C1) for NKE-1129/1139
CHT-81 JRC Rotary Encoder/Bearing Pulse Circuit CHT-81 (CHT-81) for radar JRC JMA-610
CHT85A JRC BP Circuit CHT-85A for NKE1632/2632
CKA-128 JRC VGA Card CKA-128
CKA137B JRC Frame Grabber Board CKA-137B for NWP69/NDV-1800/1850
CKA147 JRC DVI Card CKA-147 for NCM-860A
CKJ-131 JRC Control Unit CKJ-131
CKJ171A JRC Display Control Unit CKJ-171A for NJC-28/30/JLN650/652
CKK-509A JRC Power Supply CKK-509A for JAX-90/91
CKK-535A JRC Control Board CKK-535A for JAX-9B
CKK535A9A JRC Control unit CKK-535A9A for JAX-9A
CMA-72C JRC Receiver PCB CMA-72C for JLN-202/203
CMA-761 JRC Receiver CMA-761 for NJC-627 for JLN-628
CMA-832 JRC Receiver PCB CMA-832 for JLN-550
CMA-920 JRC Beacon Controller CMA-920 for JLR-4341/JLR-7800
CMA-946 JRC Receiver CMA-946 for JAX-9A/9B
CMB-146 JRC Transmitter CMB-146 for NJC-17 for JLN-520
CMB-192B JRC TX unit CMB-192B for NJC-23/23C/JLN-628
CMB-319 JRC Transmitter CMB-319 for JLN-550
CMB-711 JRC Power Amplifier C CMB-711 for JSS-710/720
CMB-800A JRC PA Module CMB-800A (CAH-803+CAR-802A) for JSS-800
CMB-853A JRC Power Amplifier CMB-853A for JSS-850
CMC-1037 JRC Main control board A type CMC-1037 (CMC-1037) for radar JRC JMA-3807/JMA-3811
CMC-1038 JRC Main control board B type CMC-1038 (CMC-1038) for radar JRC JMA-3807/JMA-3811
CMC-1062 JRC CPU control circuit CMC-1062 (CMC-1062) for radar JMA-608. H-7PCRD1480A(PC4401)
CMC-1076 JRC Main control circuit CMC-1076 (CMC-1076) deflection PCB for radar JMA-608/7710
CMC-1113B JRC CCU CMC-1113B for JUE-75A/C
CMC-1156 JRC Main Control CMC-1156 for JMA-2343/44
CMC-1190 JRC Main Control CMC-1190 for JMA-5100
CMC1205G2 JRC Transceiver Control CMC-1205G2 NKE-1075A/1087 for JMA-99XX
CMC1205R2 JRC T/R control unit CMC-1205R2 for NKE-1125/1129
CMC-1218C JRC Display Processor CMC-1218C for JMA-9900
CMC1385 JRC Mother Board CMC-1385 for NCM-860A/JAN701B/901B
CMC2425 JRC PA Control Unit CMC-2425 for NTD-2250
CMC-2692-A JRC PA control CMC-2692-A for JSS-296
CMC-2695-A JRC PA control CMC-2695-A for JSS-596
CMC-2698 JRC PA Control CMC-2698 for JSS-896
CMC-548 JRC DY Drive CMC-548 for NCD-3510 for JMA-
CMC-634 JRC Deflection PCB CMC-634 for JMA-8000
CMC-716 JRC Deflection PCB CMC-716 for JMA-7303
CMC-791 JRC Deflection PCB CMC-791 for JMA-9000
CMC-806 JRC PA control PCB CMC-806 (CMC-806) for MF/HF JRC JSS-800
CMC-825-1 JRC CPU CMC-825-1 for JMA-3900
CMC-825-2 JRC CPU Control CMC-825-2 for JMA-7000/9000
CMC-898 JRC Transceiver PCB CMC-898 for JMA-9800
CMC-916-2 JRC Processor CMC-916-2 for JMA-9700
CMC-940A JRC CCU CMC-940A for JUE-75C
CMC-940B JRC CCU CMC-940B for JUE-75C
CMC-946 JRC Deflection Board CMC-946 (CMC-946) for radar JRC JMA-9700
CMD-635 JRC Control panel CMD-635 for JMA-7252
CMD-660-2 JRC Panel Unit CMD-660-2 for JMA-9000
CMD-776 JRC Keyboard circuit PCB CMD-776 (CMD-776) for radar JRC JMA-608. (PC4501)
CMD-867 JRC Panel Control NCD-4111A for JMA-9800
CMD-912 JRC OPE Display CMD-912 for JCY-1000
CMD-914 JRC Keyboard CMD-914 for NVA-1810MK2G/H
CMD-953 JRC Keyboard CMD-953 for NCR-333
CME-229A JRC Modulator PCB CME-229A for JMA-2253
CME-244A JRC Modulator CME-244A for JMA-3254
CME-274 JRC Modulator PCB CME-274 for JMA-2253
CME-279 JRC Modulator CME-279 for JMA-608
CME-307 JRC Modulator CME-307 for JMA-2343
CME-308 JRC Modulator PCB CME-308 for JMA-2344
CME-322 JRC Modulator CME-322 for NKE-2042
CME-323 JRC Modulator PCB CME-323 for JMA-5106/5110
CME-363 JRC Modulator CME-363 for NKE-2103
CME385 JRC Modulator circuit CME-385 Compound modulator circuit for JMA-2300
CME386 JRC Modulator PCB CME386 for NKE-2063/JMA-3336
CME397 JRC Compound Modulator CME-397 Circuit for NKE-2044/JMA-1030
CMF99 JRC DSC demodulator CMF-99 for JSS-710/720
CMG347 JRC Magnetron CMG-347 / M1568BS for NKE-1125PM/2254
CMG348 JRC Magnetron CMG-348 // M1555 for NKE-1130PM
CMH-1153 JRC PCB Interface CMH-1153 for JHS-400A
CMH-1930 JRC Level Interface CMH-1930 for JAN-701/901
CMH-1937 JRC Hub Unit CMH-1937 for JCY-1700
CMH-2004 JRC Interface PCB CMH-2004 for NWZ-147 for JMA-5300
CMH-2192C JRC PCB CMH-2192C for NWZ-4700 for JLR-20/30
CMH2192CR JRC Connector board CMH-2192C for NWZ-4701
CMH-2227 JRC Interface circuit CMH-2227 for JAN-701B
CMH-2235 JRC Interface Circuit CMH-2235 for JMA-3300
CMH-2246 JRC Interface Board CMH-2246 for NKE-1532
CMH-2292 JRC Connector Board CMH-2292 for NWZ-4740
CMH2452 JRC Interface Circuit CMH-2452 for NCM963-E/J/JMR-5400
CMH-3227-1 JRC Interface Unit CMH-3227-1 for JSS-2150
CMH4339 JRC POE Unit CMH-4339 for NDH-339 (Docking module)
CMH-904 JRC Input/Output Control CMH-904 for JMA-8000MKII
CMJ-2250 JRC WKR modem CMJ-2250 for JSS-2150
CMJ2250N JRC WKR Modem CMJ-2250N for NCT-196N
CMJ-304D JRC Gyro Interface CMJ-304D for NCD-3780
CMJ-304E JRC Gyro Interface CMJ-304E for JMA-5200/5300/7000/9000
CMJ-418 JRC Data Processor PCB CMJ-418 for NWZ-4551
CMJ-418L JRC Data Processor PCB CMJ-418L for JLN-205
CMJ-421B-1 JRC Data Processor CMJ-421B-1 for JLR-7700MKII
CMJ-431 JRC NSK Interface CMJ-431 for JMA-9800MKI
CMJ-462E JRC Gyro Interface CMJ-462E for JMA-7100/9100/9800/9900
CMJ-475-1 JRC Analogue Interface CMJ-475-1 for JAN-701/901M
CMJ-475-2 JRC Analogue Interface CMJ-475-2 for JAN-701/901MK2
CMJ-476 JRC Serial Interface CMJ-476 for JAN-701/901
CMJ497UCR JRC Data Processor CMJ-497-U for NNN-21/31
CMJ-501C JRC Data Processor CMJ-501C for JLR-20/30
CMJ501C1R JRC DISP-DPU CMJ-501C1 for NWZ-4701
CMJ-501N JRC Data Processor CMJ-501N for NCR-333
CMJ551CR JRC DISP-DPU CMJ-551 for NWZ-4740
CML-309A-1 JRC LCD CML-309A-1 for JLR-4110/7700MKII
CML-478A-1 JRC Transceiver CML-478A-1 for JFC-130
CML-478A-3 JRC Transceiver CML-478A-3 for JFV-130HP
CML-478U JRC Transceiver CML-478U for JFV-130
CML-595 JRC DPU unit CML-595 for JFC-500
CML-655A JRC Panel PCB CML-655A for JUE-410F
CML-771 JRC LCD Panel CML-771 for JMA-5300/7100
CML799L JRC LCD Panel CML-799L 23 inch for NCD-4990/JMA-9100
CML981 JRC Panel Unit CML-981 for JHS-800S/NCM-980
CMN1960A JRC Transceiver CMN-1960A for JSS-296/596/896/JSB-196GM
CMN-2180 JRC Transceiver CMN-2180 for JHS-180
CMN-2182 JRC Transceiver CMN-2182 for JHS-182
CMN2183 JRC Transceiver CMN-2183 for JHS-183
CMN-2250 JRC Transceiver CMN-2250 for JSS-2150
CMN-2330 JRC Receiver PCB CMN-2330 for NCR-330
CMN-2330-P JRC Receiver CMN-2330-P for NKG-84
CMN-2333 JRC Receiver PCB CMN-2333 for NCR-333
CMN-383A JRC Transceiver CMN-383A for JHS-32A/B
CMN-526 JRC Power Supply/TRX-Unit CMN-526 (CMN-526) for JRC FF-50/JFC-500
CMN-574B-1 JRC Transceiver CMN-574B-1 for JUE-410F
CMN-633C JRC Transceiver CMN-633C for JLN-550
CMN-65SC JRC Transceiver CMN-65SC For JFE-570S(D)
CMN-686 JRC Transceiver CMN-686 for JLN-205
CMN-720-22 JRC Transceiver CMN-720-22 for JFE-380/680
CMN720B25 JRC Transceiver CMN-720B25 (CMN-720B25) for JFE-380/680
CMN720B55 JRC Transceiver CMN-720B55 (CMN-720B55) for JFE-380/680
CMN-742 JRC Transceiver CMN-742 for JFP-180
CMN-744 JRC Power Transceiver CMN-744 for JFC-600
CMN-750 JRC TXRX Unit CMN-750 for NKE-1532
CMN-7701S1 JRC TX/RX Unit CMN-7701S1 for JHS-770S
CMN797 JRC TRX Module CMN-797 for NKE-1632/2632
CMP493 JRC PS Module CMP-493 for NKE-1632/2632
CMV-3770 JRC AF Control Unit CMV-3770 for JHS-770S
CMV-3775 JRC AF Control Unit CMV-3775 for JSS-2150
CMZ124-1 JRC CMZ-124 control unit, RF circuit, GPS receiver for JUE-251/JUE-501
CNC-251B-1 JRC Freq. Converter CNC-251B1 for JSS-710/720/800
CPA-170 JRC Modulator CPA-170 for NRG-50/51/52
CPA-209 JRC Modulator CPA-209 for JMA-5330/9932/33
CPA-209-1 JRC Modulator CPA-209-1 for JMA-5320/9922/23
CPA-248 JRC Modulator PCB CPA-248 for JMA-5110/5210/5310-6/R
CPA-248-1 JRC Modulator PCB CPA-248-1 (CPA 248-1) for radar JRC JMA-609
CPA264A-1 JRC Modulator Circuit CPA-264A for JMA-7100/9100
CPA-276 JRC Modulator CPA-276 for JMA-610 riverradar
CPC-180B JRC Target Expander PCB CPC-180B for JMA-9722-6CA/9CA
CQB-107 JRC Output/Fail Detection CQB-107 for NVA-1810MK2G/H
CQB-52 JRC Main PCB CQB-52 for JHS-32
CQC-1027 JRC Motherboard CQC-1027 for NCD-4111A for JMA-9800MKII
CQC-1066A JRC Motherboard CQC-1066A Ext. for JAN-701/901/901M
CQC-1094 JRC Motherboard CQC-1094 for JMA-9900
CQC-1130 JRC I/F Circuit CQC-1130 (CQC-1130) for radar JRC JMA-609
CQC-1192 JRC Motherboard CQC-1192 for JMA-9100
CQC-1204 JRC PS/2 connector CQC-1204 for NCE-7669
CQC-1219 JRC Motherboard CQC-1219 for JAN-701B/901B
CQC-1262 JRC I/F Circuit CQC-1262 for JSS-2150
CQC-1262-1 JRC I/F circuit CQC-1262-1 for JMA-3300
CQC-1962 JRC Motherboard CQC-1962 for JSS-296
CQC1962A JRC Mother Board CQC-1962A for NCT-196N
CQC-710 JRC Motherboard CQC-710 for JSS-710/720
CQC-969 JRC Motherboard CQC-969 for NCD-4111 for JMA-9800
CQD-1145 JRC CRT Socket CQD-1145 for NCD-3570
CQD-1249 JRC Terminal board CQD-1249 for NCH-414 for JHS-32A/B
CQD-1250 JRC Terminal Board CQD-1250 for JHS-32A
CQD-1705 JRC Interface Unit CQD-1705 for JFE-582/585
CQD-1710 JRC Junction Board CQD-1710 for JSS-710/720
CQD-1800 JRC Junction Board CQD-1800 for JSS-800
CQD-1820 JRC Terminal unit CQD-1820 for NQE-3111 for JHS-180
CQD-1828 JRC Terminal Board CQD-1828 for JMA-608
CQD-1839 JRC CQD-1839 MIC. I/F Unit for JCY-1700
CQD-1917-M JRC Terminal Board CQD-1917-M for JLN-550
CQD-1920 JRC Terminal board CQD-1920 for JAN-701M/901M
CQD-1937A JRC Terminal Board CQD-1937A for JMA-5300MKII
CQD-1949B JRC Terminal board CQD-1949B for JMA-9900
CQD-1988-M JRC Terminal Board CQD-1988-M for JLN-205
CQD2010 JRC Terminal Circuit CQD-2010 for JMA-609
CQD-2011 JRC Terminal PCB CQD-2011 for JMA-609
CQD-2041 JRC Audio I/F Connection CQD-2041 for NDV-1850/NDV-1800
CQD-2082 JRC Interface Unit CQD-2082 for JFE-380
CQD-2083 JRC Interface PCB CQD-2083 for JFE-380/680
CQD-2097A JRC Terminal Board CQD-2097A for NCD-4790/4990
CQD-2130 JRC Terminal Board CQD-2130 for JAN-701B/901B
CQD-2174 JRC Terminal Board CQD-2174 for JAN-2000
CQD-2181-1 JRC Terminal Board CQD-2181-1 for JUE-500
CQD-2185 JRC Terminal board CQD-2185 (CQD-2185) for contr. unit NCM883 of radar JMA-610
CQD2186A JRC Terminal Board Transceiver CQD2186A (CQD-2186A) for radar JRC JMA-610
CQD2261 JRC Terminal Board CQD-2261 for NDC2000-M2
CQD2322 JRC Terminal Board Circ. CQD-2322 for NCM963-E/J/JMR-5400
CQD-2415 JRC Terminal Board CQD-2415 for JSS-2150
CQD2983 JRC IFU Unit CQD-2983 for NCM983/JHS-183
CQD-3030A JRC Connection PCB CQD-3030a for JMA-9000
CQD-3182 JRC Terminal Board CQD-3182 for JHS-182
CQD-3227 JRC Interface Board CQD-3227 for NDZ-227
CQD3227A1 JRC Interface Board CQD-3227A1 for NDZ-227
CQD7040 JRC terminal plate CQD-7040 for NQA-7040/JLN-7040
CSA-283 JRC Motor Control PCB CSA-283 for NKE-2252 for JMA-5300
CSC-1656 JRC Relay Filter Unit CSC-1656 for NKE-1532/20
CSC-523 JRC Relay Circuit CSC-523 for JMA-7000/9000
CSC-632 JRC Relay Circuit CSC-632 for JMA-9900
CSC-656 JRC Relay Circuit CSC-656 for JMA-9100
CSD 2250,00 JRC Ant SW Unit CSD-2250 for NFC-2250/JSS-2250
CTC-44 JRC Rotary Joint CTC-44 for JUE-33/JUE-500
CWB4339 JRC Front Cover CWB-4339 for NDH-339
CWX-146 JRC JHS-7 PC Unit CWX-146 for JHS-7/JHS-7-A
CYC4161 JRC Soft update Kit CYC-4161 for NCM-860APL1
GSC252-1 JRC BDE GSC-252-1 for JUE-251
GSC-411 JRC ADE GSC-411 for JUE-410F
GSC-451 JRC ADE GSC-451B-1 for JUE-250
GSC-452-1 JRC BDE GSC-452-1 for JUE-250
GSC-501-1 JRC ADE GSC-501-1 for JUE-500
GSC512-1 JRC BDE GSC-512-1 for JUE-501
IT18-FL JRC Tie Wrap IT18-FL for various
MDBW10331 JRC Power Supply PCB CBD-842 for JMA-6000
MDBW10645 JRC Motor + Gear MDBW10645 for NKE-1087/1089 X-band, 220VAC 3 phase
MDBW10822 JRC Motor MDBW10822/CBP-203 X-band, for NKE-1125/29 (JMA-9122)
MDBW10823 JRC Motor MDBW10823/CBP-205 S-band, for NKE-1130/39 (JMA-9132)
MDBW10885 JRC Motor CBP-1205/MDBW-10885, DC for NKE-1532 X-band
MDLW11811 JRC ARPA Process PCB MDLW11811 for JMA-5200MKII
MDLW11900A JRC Processor PCB MDLW11900A for NCD-4790/4990
MDNUH5040A JRC Upper Radome MDNUH5040A for JUE-500
MDZW10019 JRC Coil Kit MDZW10019 for JMA-8000
MDZW10027 JRC ADU MDZW10027 for GSC-451
MNEM30173 JRC Elevation Motor MNEM30173 for JUE-410F
MPAB30187 JRC Joint waveguide MPAB30187 for JMA-7252
MPAB31588A JRC Rotary Joint MPAB31588A for JMA-5300 series
MPAE00687 JRC Side Whip Antenna MPAE00687 for NAW-208S
MPAE30534 JRC Radome Kit MPAE30534 for JLR-4341
MPBC36726 JRC Upper Radome MPBC36726 for NKE-249/2042
MPBC40501A JRC Display Bracket MPBC40501A for NWZ-170
MPBC41132A JRC Mounting adaptor MPBC41132A for NDH-316
MPBC44213 JRC Radar Processor MPBC44213 for JMA-7100/9100
MPBC47673 JRC Front Panel Kit MPBC47673 for NWZ-4610/4650
MPBP00173 JRC Cable Clamp (SO) for S-Band
MPBP30028 JRC Mounting Bracket MPBP30028 for JQX-30A
MPBP30208 JRC Wave Guide clamp MPBP30208 for JMA-9823-7XA
MPBP30338 JRC Handset Holder MPBP30338 UPB-51-10 for JHS-32A
MPBX14440 JRC Seachest MPBX14440 for JLN-202
MPBX16461A JRC Upper Radome MPBX16461A for NKE-1032/38/46
MPBX20536 JRC Front Panel MPBX20536 for JUE-75A
MPBX21382A JRC Upper Radome MPBX21382A for NKE-1044/63
MPBX34692A JRC Mounting Bracket MPBX34692A for JMA-1010/21
MPBX40829 JRC Performance Monitor Mounting Kit MPBX40829 for JMA-5300
MPBX41395 JRC Lower plate MPBX41395 for CFT-067A
MPBX44062B JRC Replacement Kit MPBX44062B for NKF-341
MPBX44074A JRC Repl. Kit MPBX44074A for NKF-770/JLN-550
MPBX44960A JRC Repl. Kit MPBX44960A for NKF-345
MPBX44961A JRC Transducer Repl. Kit MPBX44961 for NKF-547
MPBX45027 JRC Chassis MPBX45027 for control board for NKE-1130
MPBX48103 JRC RJ Repl.Kit MPBX48103 for JUE-501
MPEM00213 JRC Motor MPEM00213 for NKE-1016-2F of JMA-8252-7, X-band
MPEM00231 JRC Antenna Motor MPEM00231 for JMA-3525
MPEM30030A JRC Motor + Gear MPEM30030A/GMS020F30M/CBP-128A for NKE-1075/1079 S-Band, 220VAC, 3 phase
MPEM30042A JRC Motor + Gear MPEM30042A/GMT010U30/CBP-132 for NKE-1052/1059 S-Band, 220VAC, 3 phase
MPEM30073 JRC Shaft Encoder MPEM30073 for JMA-7000/9000/9700
MPEM30078 JRC Motor + Gear MPEM30078 for JMA-3925/7725, X-band
MPEM30088A JRC Motor + Gear MPEM30088A (CBP-123 w/o gear) for NKE-1052/1059 S-band, 220VAC, 1 phase
MPEM30091 JRC Motor + Gear MPEM30091 for NKE-1052/1059 S-band, 110VAC, 1 phase
MPEM30092B JRC Motor + Gear MPEM30092B/GMS200F30MM/CBP-129 for NKE-1072/75/79 S-Band, 110VAC, 1 phase/30140
MPEM30110A JRC Motor + Gear MPEM30110A/CBP-146 for NKE-1075/1079 S-band, 220VAC 1 phase
MPEM30176 JRC Motor + Gear MPEM30176 for NKE-1087/1089 X-band, 110VAC, 1 phase
MPEM30177 JRC Motor + Gear MPEM30177 for NKE-1087/1089 X-band, 220VAC 1 phase
MPEM30217 JRC Motor MPEM30217 for NKE-1064-9
MPEM30236 JRC Motor Assy MPEM30236 for JUE-250
MPGK01821 JRC Recording Belt MPGK01821 for JFE-570S/582/585
MPGK01860A JRC Reduction Gear MPGK01860A for JMA-6000/8000MKII
MPGK01946 JRC Motor Pulley MPGK01946 for JFE-570S
MPGK30609A JRC Motor Assy MPGK30609A/CBP-139 for JMA-5110/5210/5310-6/R(NKE-2102) former CBP167
MPGK31225A JRC Gear Assy MPGK31225A for JAX-9B
MPHD01443 JRC Channel Knob MPHD01443 for JHS-7/7E/7U/7X/14
MPHD30213 JRC Control Knob MPHD30213 for JFE-582/585
MPHD30287 JRC Control knob MPHD30287 for NWZ-147/158/164
MPHD30376 JRC Brilliance Knob MPHD30376 for CCK-972A
MPHD30379 JRC Assembly MPHD30379 16 Knob for NCM-1770
MPHD30380 JRC Knob MPHD30380 for NCM-1770
MPJD00029 JRC Stuffing Tube MPJD00029 for JFV-250HP
MPJD00030 JRC Stuffing Tube MPJD00030 for NKF-307BT
MPNG00069 JRC Insulator MPNG00069 NG-159A for JSS-296/596/896
MPNG00070 JRC Insulator MPNG00070 for JSS-710
MPNN43768 JRC Label SBM JRC MPNN43768
MPNN44422 JRC Label MPNN44422 for 7ZXJD0095
MPNN51859 JRC Replacement Label MPNN51859
MPPK00686A JRC Gasket MPPK00686A for NKF-531E
MPPK00784A JRC Packing MPPK00784 for JFE-570S
MPPK01038 JRC Packing MPPK01038 for JLN-520/530
MPPK30299 JRC Packing MPPK30299 for JMA-7100/9100/9900
MPPK30863 JRC Gasket MPPK30863
MPPK30916 JRC Gasket MPPK30916 for CFT-033-A for NKF-772
MPPK31027A JRC Packing MPPK31027A for NKF-770
MPPK31570 JRC Gasket MPPK31570 for NDZ-227
MPPK31571 JRC Gasket Front Panel MPPK31571 for NDZ-227
MPPK31572 JRC Gasket Front Panel MPPK31572 for NDZ-227
MPSW30009 JRC Switch MPSW30009 for NCR-300A
MPTC30607 JRC Pipe MPTC30607
MPTC30613 JRC Plate MPTC30613
MPTG30053 JRC Knob Bolt MPTG30053 for JFC-500/NDZ-227
MPTG30432 JRC Flush Mount Kit MPTG30432 for NWZ-4551
MPTG32190 JRC Knob Bolt MPTG32190 for NCD-2182
MPXP00072A JRC S-Band Waveguide Tool for S-Band
MPXP00791A JRC Recording Pen MPXP00791A for JFE-570/582/585
MPXP00856 JRC Pen Guide MPXP00856 for JFE-582 / JFE-570S
MPXP02723C JRC Installation Parts MPXP02723C for JUE-75C
MPXP32604 JRC ADE Spare Kit MPXP32604 for JUE-410F
MPXP32848A JRC Track Ball MPXP32848A for NCD-3780
MPXP33369 JRC Upgrade Kit O MPXP33369 for JMA-9800
MPXP33398 JRC IME install. parts MPXP33398 for JUE-85
MPXP33400 JRC EME Inst. Pats MPXP33400 for JUE-85/95
MPXP33401 JRC Antenna Base MPXP33401 for JUE-95SA
MPXP33520 JRC CPU PCB MPXP33520 for JMA-9800MKII
MPXP34117B JRC Radar Overlay Kit MPXP34117B for JAN-901B/701B
MPXP34128 JRC Upgrade Kit-Q MPXP34128 for JMA-9900
MPXP34702 JRC LCD Kit 19 MPXP34702 for JMA-7000
MPXP35090 JRC Modification Kit MPXP35090 for JHS-182/183
MPXP35830A JRC Name Plate MPXP35830A for NDH-339
MTB168032 JRC ATU Bracket MTB168032 for NFC-2150
MTB363935D JRC Fixing Material MTB363935D for Noise reduction Kit
MTB377526 JRC Mount MTB377526 for NWZ-4741
MTB383221 JRC SW Plate MTB383221 for NKE-2102/2062/250
MTB389935 JRC Handset Hook MTB389935 for JHS-770S
MTB396777 JRC Mounting Bracket MTB396777 for NDZ-227
MTB396846 JRC Mounting Bracket MTB396846 for NDZ-227
MTB396847 JRC Metal Spacer MTB396847 for NDZ-227
MTB397951 JRC Stand 3300 MTB397951 for NCD-2182
MTD001842 JRC MTD001842 SUS304-CP (SO) Click. For rotary encoder CHT-81 for JMA-610
MTG300089A JRC Spur Gear MTG300089A for NKE-1059
MTG300092 JRC Drive Gear MTG300092 for JAX-9A/9B
MTG300273A JRC Gear MTG300273A for NKE-1055
MTG300423A JRC Main Gear MTG300423A for JMA-9900
MTG300425 JRC Spur Gear MTG300425 for NKE-2252
MTG300516 JRC Drive Gear MTG300516 for JAX-9B
MTK300656 JRC Rubber Roller MTK300656 for JAX-9B
########### JRC Waster Piece MTL020174 for NKF-531E
########### JRC Gland MTL024005 for NKF-341
MTL024128A JRC Mount Plate MTL024128A for JFE-585
########### JRC Mounting Plate MTL024129 for JFE-570S/582
########### JRC Fixing Material MTL031238 for NKF-772 for JLN-550
########### JRC Top Plate MTL320651 for CFT-067A
########### JRC Fixing Material MTL330901 for Noise reduction Kit
MTM300624B JRC Flange MTM300624B for NKE-2102
MTT000088 JRC Insulator MTT000088 for JSS-710/720/800
MTT004170A JRC Packing MTT004170A for JFE-570S
MTT006909B JRC Gear MTT006909B for NKE-1079
MTT011687 JRC Spool MTT011687 for JFE-570S/582
MTT015293 JRC Spacer MTT015293 for NKF-341
MTT026644 JRC Gasket MTT026644 for NKF-772
MTT307768 JRC Assist Ring MTT307768 for NKE-2102
MTT310927 JRC Packing MTT310927
MTT310999 JRC Rubber Spacer MTT310999 for NDZ-227
MTT312167A JRC Prot. Plate MTT312167A for CCK-972A
MTT312608C JRC Rubber Keypad MTT312608C for NCM-2150
MTT313655 JRC Filter MTT313655 for NDZ-227
MTT313662 JRC USB Cover MTT313662 for NDZ-227
MTT313667 JRC Rubber Keypad MTT313667 for NDZ-227
MTV001545 JRC Rubber Seal MTV001545 for NKE-190 for JMA-650
MTV001990 JRC Driving Belt MTV001990 for JFE-570S/582/585
MTV004053 JRC Knob MTV004053 for JHS-7
MTV3000629 JRC floating foam MTV3000629 (MTV3000629) for EPIRB JRC JQE-3A
MTV301330 JRC Rubber Seal MTV301330 for NKE-1079
MTV302832 JRC Rubber Pad A MTV302832 for JSB-196GM
MTV302833 JRC Rubber Pad B MTV302833 for JSB-196GM
MTV303043 JRC Contact Rubber -2 MTV303043 for NCT-196N
MTV303044 JRC Contact Rubber -3 MTV303044 for NCT-196N
MTV303321 JRC Rubber Keypad MTV303321 for JHS-180
MTV303344 JRC Sun Shield MTV303344 for JMA-2343/2344
MTV303721 JRC Rear Cover MTV303721 for JMA-1010/11
MTV303883 JRC Packing MTV303883 for NCD-2182
MTV304333 JRC Process. Cover MTV304333 for JLR-20/30
MTV304623 JRC Front Cover MTV304623 for NWZ-4740
MTV304857A JRC Front Panel MTV304857A for NDZ-227
MTV304859 JRC Cover MTV304859 for NDZ-227
MTV304860 JRC Light Pipe MTV304860 for NDZ-227
MTV304861 JRC Cover MTV304861 for NDZ-227
MTV304863A JRC Vibration Isolator MTV304863A for NDZ-227
-NAD 35,00 JRC RGB Video buffer NAD-35 for JMA-9800M
NAF-194D JRC RFU NAF-194D for JUE-310B
NAF-214A JRC RFU NAF-214A/B (NAF-214A) for Fleet-77 JRC JUE-410F
NAF-214B-1 JRC RFU NAF-214B-1 for JUE-410F
NAF247B-1 JRC RFU NAF-247B for GSC-501/JUE-500
NAF253GM5 JRC Antenna NAF-253GM5 for JUE-85
NAF253GM7 JRC Antenna NAF-253GM7 for JUE-87
NAF-253LT5 JRC Antenna NAF-253LT5, EME for JUE-95LT
NAF253SA5 JRC Antenna NAF-253SA, EME for JUE-95SA
NAF-742LT1 JRC Externally mounted equipment NAF-742LT1 for JUE-95LT
NAH692-1 JRC PA Unit NAH-692 for JSS-296
NAH695-1 JRC Power Amplifier NAH-695-1 for JSS-596
NAH-698-1 JRC NAH-698-1 PA Unit for JSS-896
NAX-16A-6Y JRC Radiator/Array 6ft NAX-16A-6Y for JRC JMA-7252/9252/9722/9822
NAX-16A-7Y JRC Radiator/Array 7ft NAX-16A-7Y for JRC JMA-7252/9252/9722/9822
NAX-16A-9Y JRC Radiator/Array 9ft NAX-16A-9Y for JRC JMA-7252/9252/9722/9822
NAX-43-4Y JRC Radiator/Array 4ft NAX-43-4Y for JRC JMA-5106/JMA-5110 (NKE-2062)
NAY-3900G JRC GPS Antenna NAY-3900G for JUE-410F
NAY-4150B JRC Antenna NAY-4150B for JLR-6800 (8Vdc)
NBA-3581A JRC AC/DC Rectifier NBA-3581A for JLR-4110MII/JLR-7700
NBA-5135 JRC AC-DC Power Supply for JMA-710
NBB248A-1 JRC Battery Pack NBB-248A for JHS-7/JHS-7-A
NBB-389-1 JRC Lithium Battery NBB-389-1 for JHS-7
NBB-511-1 JRC Ni-Cad Battery NBB-511-1 for JHS-413
NBD-613B JRC Power Supply NBD-613B for JMA-7000/9000
NBD-708 JRC PSU NBD-708 Ass. incl. CBD-137 for NCD-3780
NBD-768A JRC ADE Power Supply NBD-768A for JUE-410F
NBD-818A JRC Power Supply NBD-818A/CBD1655 for JMA-5300
NBD-843A JRC Power Supply NBD-843A for JUE-75/85/95
NBD-866A JRC Power Supply NBD-866A for JMA-5200MKII
NBD913 JRC PSU NBD913 for NCM-928 for MFD
NBD945 JRC Power Supply NBD-945 for NCM963-E/J/JMR-5400
NBG-122 JRC AC/DC PSU NBG-122 for JNA-800/NCR300
NBG-300 JRC DC/DC Converter NBG-300 for JSB-196GM
NBL-710 JRC Power Supply NBL-710 for JSS-710/720
NBL-851 JRC Power Supply NBL-851 for JSS-850
NCA-868 JRC MARPA board NCA-868 for JMA-2300/5100
NCE-5163EA JRC OPE NCE-5163-EA for JAN-2000
NCE-5163ET JRC El Operation NCE-5163-ET for JAN-701B/901B
NCE-5163-R JRC Keyboard NCE-5163-R for JMA-7100/9100
NCE-5163RT JRC OPU RT NCE-5163-RT for JMA-7100/9100
NCE-5779 JRC Mount kit NCE-5779 for JHS-182
NCE-6824A JRC Buzzer box NCE-6824A for JUE-410F
NCE-7157 JRC Keyboard NCE-7157 (NCE-7157) for radar JRC JMA-608T
NCE7721RSO JRC Operation Panel NCE-7721RSO for JMA-9900
NCE-7882A JRC Key board NCE-7882A (NCE-7882A) for radar JRC JMA-610
NCE-8520A JRC Controller NCE-8520A for NVA-1810MK2G/H
NCE-8821F JRC Operation Unit NCE-8821F for ECDIS JAN2000 CON
NCG-146 JRC Remote Alarm NCG-146 for JCY-1000/1700
NCJ-878 JRC Reset button NCJ-878 for JCX-151/152
NCJ879A JRC reset button NCJ879A for BNWAS
NCL-326C JRC Antenna Control Unit NCL-326C for JUE-410F
NCL-362 JRC Antenna Control Unit NCL-362 for JUE-500
NCM-779-1 JRC Controller NCM-779-1 for JHS-182
NCM-825 JRC Control unit NCM-825 (NCM-825) excl. cable. For radar JRC JMA-609
NCM860A-1 JRC Control PCB NCM-860A-1 for NCM-860A/JAN-701B/901B
NCM-860A-PL JRC Proc.repl.kit NCM-860A-PL JAN-701B/901B, including PL4.0
NCM860APL1 JRC Control Unit NCM-860A-PL1 for JAN-701B/901B
NCR-330 JRC Navtex receiver NCA-330 Excluding antenna
NCT-59 JRC NSK unit NCT-59 (NCT-59) gyro connection for radar JRC JMA-5300
NCT-72 JRC Contact interface NCT-72 (NCT-72) for VDR JRC JCY-1800
NDB-44 JRC Ploter Unit NDB-44 for JMA-5200MK2
NDC-1337 JRC Processor unit NDC-1337 (NDC-1337) for radar JRC JMA-609
NDC-1493 JRC Signal Processor NDC-1493 for NKE-1532/20
NDC1590 JRC CCU NDC1590 for NCM-928 for MFD
NDC2000-M2PL JRC Processor unit NDC-2000M2PL for JAN-2000
NDC4920 JRC Signal Processor NDC-4920 for NKE-1632/2632
NDF-187 JRC Trackball NDF-187 for JMA-6000/8000
NDF-269B-2 JRC Keyboard NDF-269B-2 for JUE-300B
NDF-368 JRC Keyboard NDF-368 for JUE-75C/85/JSS-825
NDF369-1 JRC Keyboard NDF-369 for 7ZZJD0089
NDH-265 JRC Floppy Disk Drive NDH-265
NDH3382GBA JRC Fixed Capsule (beacon) NDH3382GBA for JCY-1800/1850
NDH3382GBL JRC Fixed Capsules NDH-338 for JCY-1700/1800/1850 (w/o beacon)
NDZ-127B1C JRC DTE NDZ-127B1C for JUE-300B/310B
NDZ227-1CR JRC DTE NDZ-227 for NDZ-227X
NDZ-800-2 JRC DTE NDZ-800-2 for JSS-710/720/800
NFC-700 JRC High Freq.Tuner NFC-700 for JSS-710
NFC-802 JRC Antenna Tuner NFC-802 for JSS-800
NFC896-1 JRC Antenna Tuner NFC-896-1 for JSS-596/896
NJU63B1 JRC Performance Monitor NJU-63B1 for S-band
NJU64B1 JRC Performance Monitor NJU-64B1 for X-band
NJU84-1 JRC Performance Monitor NJU-84-1 for S-band NKE-1130PM/1139PM
NJU85-1 JRC Performance Monitor NJU-85-1 for X-band NKE-1125/29/2254/2103
NKE1059Y1D JRC Pedestal NKE-1059-Y1D 110V 1PH for JMA-7253/NKE1059PM
NKE1059Y2D JRC Pedestal NKE1059Y2D for JMA-7253/9253/9503/9723
NKE1059Y2F JRC Pedestal NKE-1059-Y2DF 220V 3PH for NKE-1059PM
NKE1087Y2F JRC Scanner NKE-1087-Y2DF for NKE-1087PM/JMA-9900, X-band
NKE-2102 JRC Transceiver NKE-2102 (NKE-2102) for JMA-5300. excl. Array.
NKE226 JRC transceiver unit TX/RX NKE226 (NKE226) for radar JRC JMA-608
NKZ-224 JRC Antenna Changer NKZ-224 for JSS-710/720/800
NMA-1252-1 JRC Modulator NMA-1252-1 for JMA-9923
NMA-158B JRC Modulator NMA-158B for JMA-3000/6000/8000
NMA-441-1 JRC Modulator NMA-441-1 for JMA-9000
NMA-446-1 JRC Modulator NMA-446-1 for JMA-9800MKI
NMA-469A JRC Modulator NMA-469A for JMA3811/3910
NMA-470-1 JRC 25kW Modulator NMA-470-1 for NKE-1056
NMA-499-1 JRC Modulator NMA-499-1 for JMA-5320/9922
NMA-534-1 JRC Modulator NMA-534-1 for NKE-1075A
NMA-550-1 JRC Modulator NMA-550-1 for NKE-1125
NMA-551-1 JRC Modulator NMA-551-1 for NKE-1130
NMA-552-1 JRC Modulator NMA-552-1 for NTG-3225
NMA-553-1 JRC Modulator NMA-553-1 for NTG-3230
NNN-10 JRC Processor NNN-10 for JLR-10
NNN20-1CR JRC GPS compass NNN20-1CR for JLR-20
NQA-1572 JRC DGPS Joint box NQA-1572 for JLR-4110MK2
NQA-2089 JRC D.M.C. interface NQA-2089 (NQA-2089) Distress Message Controler Interface
NQA-2123 JRC Interface Unit NQA-2123 for JMA-5300MKII
NQA-2393 JRC Junction Box NQA-2393
NQA-4172 JRC AIS Interface NQA-4172 for JMA-9800/9900
NQA-4172-2 JRC AIS interface bracket NQA-4172-2 for JMA-7000/9000
NQA-4172-3 JRC AIS bracket NQA-4172-3 for JMA-9800
NQA-4250 JRC AIS Interface Board NQA4250 for JMA-5200/5300
NQA-4259 JRC Interface Board NQA-4259 for JMA-5300
NQD-2120 JRC Connection Box NQD-2120 (NQD-2120) for echosounder JRC JFE-380
NQD-4190-1 JRC Junction Box NQD-4190-1 for JSS-296/596/896
NQD-4345 JRC Junction box NQD-4345 for JLN-205
NQD-4382-1 JRC Junction Box NQD-4382-1 for JHS-182
NQE-150AC1 JRC Joint Box NQE-150AC G=20F NVA-1700/1800 for NVA-1810MK2
NQE-150AR JRC connection box / NVA NQE-150AR AMP
NQE-150AR1 JRC mic joint box NQE-150AR1 for NVA-180MK2
NQE-180AC1 JRC Junction Box NQE-180AC1 for NVA-1700
NQE-180AJ1 JRC Junction Box NQE-180AJ1 for NVA-1700/1800
NQE-180AR JRC Connection Box NQE-180AR
NQE-3037B JRC RD button NQE-3037B for JUE-75C
NQE-304 JRC Connection Box NQE-304 for JSS-800
NQE-3111 JRC Connection box NQE-3111 for JHS-180
NQE-3134C JRC Heater Switch Box NQE-3134C for JUE-410F/33
NQE-3149 JRC Connection box NQE-3149 for JCY-1800/1850
NQE-3151 JRC Connection Box NQE-3151 for JMA-5310 MKI
NQE-3163A JRC Connection Box NQE-3163A for JCY-1800/1850
NQE3163B JRC Waterproof Connection Box NQE-3163B for NDH-338-2G
NQE-422A JRC Controller Box NQE-422A for JUE-310B for JUE-85
NQE-846 JRC Connection Box NQE-846 for JHS-32A
NQW-132B-2 JRC Telephone NQW-132B-2 for JUE-310B/410F
NQW-213 JRC Handset NQW-213 for JSB-196/JSS-825
NQW-248 JRC Handset NQW-248 for JUE-33
NQW267-A JRC Handset NQW267-A for JUE-250/251/500
NRG-140 JRC Receiver NRG-140 for NKE-249 for JMA-2343 (CAE-457)
NRG-141 JRC Receiver NRG-141 for NKE-250
NRG-154 JRC Receiver NRG-154 for NKE-2252
NRG162E JRC Receiver NRG-162E for NKE-1125PM/2254
NRG-210 JRC RX unit NRG-210 for JMA-3925
NRG-210A JRC Receiver NRG-210A for NKE-1055/1056
NRG-213A JRC Receiver NRG-213A for NKE-3710-8
NRG-214 JRC Receiver Unit NRG-214 (NRG-214) for radar JRC JMA-608/JMA-609
NRG-222A JRC Receiver NRG-222A for NKE-1075A
NRG-226 JRC Receiver Assy NRG-226 for NKE-2062/2102
NRG-229 JRC Receiver NRG-229 for NKE-1130
NRG-237 JRC Receiver Unit NRG-237 (NRG-237) for radar JRC JMA-610
NRG-239 JRC Receiver NRG-239 for NKE-2043/2063
NRG246 JRC Receiver Unit NRG-246 for NKE255/JMR-5400
NRG-610 JRC Receiver NRG-610 for NKE-2103
NRG-88A JRC Receiver NRG-88A for JMA-9303/9832/9923/9933
NRG-98 JRC Receiver NRG-98 for JMA-9000
NTE183-2 JRC AIS Transponder NTE-183-2 for JHS-183
NTF-277 JRC Boards NTF-277 for JUE-85
NTF318-1CR JRC IME NTF-318 for NTF-318/JUE-87
NUH-86-1 JRC Upper Radome NUH-86-1 for JUE-33
NUH-86-2A JRC Lower Radome NUH-86-2A for JUE-33
NVS-400RB JRC Speaker NVS-400RB waterproof 10W 15M
NVS-400RC JRC Speaker NVS-400RC waterproof for public adresser
NVS-400RH JRC Speaker NVS-400RH L=15 m for NVA-1810MK2
NVS-410R JRC Speaker NVS-410R 2W
NVS-414R JRC Speaker NVS-414R waterproof for public adresser
NVS-415A JRC Speaker NVS-415A for NVA-1800
NVS-420R JRC Speaker NVS-420R for NVA-1800
NVS-423A JRC External Speaker NVS-423A (NVS-423A) Flush mount. For VHF JRC JHS-770
NVS-436R JRC Speaker NVS-436R waterproof for NVA-1810MK2
NVS-441R JRC Speaker NVS-441R waterproof for public adresser
NVS-453RC JRC Waterproof Speaker NVS-453RC for public adresser
NVS-470RA JRC Speaker NVS-470RA waterproof for public adresser
NVS-470RB JRC Speaker NVS-470RB waterproof
NVS-490RA JRC Speaker NVS-490RA waterproof for public adresser
NVS-765 JRC Buzzer Unit NVS-765 for JCX-151/152
NVT-140 JRC Hand Microphone NVT-140 for JSS-196
NVT-156 JRC Microphone NVT-156 for JCY-1700
NVT-157 JRC Microphone NVT-157 waterproof for JCY-1700
NVT-162 JRC Microphone NVT-162 for JCY-1800/1850
NVT-210A JRC Handmic NVT-210A for NVA-1700MKII/1800MKII, waterproof
NVT-210C JRC Handmic NVT-210C for NVA-1700MKII/1800MKII, waterproof
NVT-210D JRC Handmic NVT-210D for NVA-1700MKII/1800MKII, waterproof
NVT-210E JRC Handmic NVT-210E for NVA-1700MKII/1800MKII, waterproof
NWP-46 JRC VDR/Radar Interface Unit for JCY-1800/1850
NWW-24L30OH 2.5G7/2 JRC Analog display NWW-24L30OH 2.5G7/2, green flush mount, for speedlog
NWZ170-DTL JRC MNU23 DTL NWZ170-DTL for JMA-5300 series
NWZ170-ETD JRC 23 inch display NWZ-170ETD for JAN-901B/JAN-2000BB
NWZ-173-ET JRC MNU19 ET NWZ-173-ET for JAN-701B/NCD-2095F
NWZ-4551G JRC Display Unit NWZ-4551G for JLR-10
NWZ4650-1 JRC LCD Display Unit NWZ-4650 for NWZ-4650/JCX-161
NZA-134 JRC ID Writer NZA-134 for JQE-3A
NZA-231A JRC ID Writer NZA-231A for JQE-103
NZB1125A-2 JRC 220V Modify Kit NZB-1125A-2 for NKE-1125PM
NZB-1130A-2 JRC Modify Kit NZB-1130A-2 for NKE-1130-2
NZB2102 JRC Modify Kit NZB-2102 for NKE-2102
NZC1590 JRC CCU NZC-1590 for NCM928/JMR-7200/9200
NZC1678 JRC Processing circuit NZC-1678 for repair for NCM963/E/J/JMR-
NZF-1532 JRC Fan Kit NZF-1532 for NKE-1532
NZH-316 JRC radar Housing NZH-316 (NZH-316) for radar JRC JMA-610
NZL-1 JRC EMG Light NZL-1 for JHS-770
NZP2256CR JRC Repair LCD NZP2256CR for NCD-2256
NZR-16 JRC Brake Circuit NZR-16
NZR-17 JRC Brake Circuit NZR-17
NZT-2063 JRC Transceiver NZT-2063
NZT-2102 JRC Transceiver NZT-2102 
NZT-2103 JRC Transceiver Unit NZT-2103

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