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Rental of ship radio navigation equipment

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Electric motors

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Renting a radio navigation equipment offers many benefits, and this can often save you time and money.
We are ready to develop a solution that meets your specific requirements.
Our company provides marine equipment for rent for short-term or long-term projects with guaranteed service support of engineers of "Communication and Radio Navigation SPb".

Renting a ship's navigation equipment has such advantages as:

  • Leasing is an attractive option because it helps to avoid unnecessary costs and reduce overhead costs.
  • Excludes the costs associated with the maintenance and storage of equipment in the winter.
  • You do not have to use outdated equipment.
  • Increases work efficiency while maintaining access to the latest technology.
  • Helps to quickly equip the vessel for larger projects.
  • Provides access to equipment in a short time. If it was required for one passage of the vessel.
  • Reduces the risk of vessel downtime during equipment failures or during repair.
  • The opportunity to try the equipment without a purchase obligation - "try before you buy."
We have extensive experience in the supply of ship radio and navigation equipment for rent for various projects and purposes. The company has a large reserve warehouse, which guarantees timely delivery and service.

Rental Cost Example 

Ship equipment Buy 3 month rental 1 month rental
Radar Koden 7912 14 458 EUR 3 253.05 EUR 1 084.35 EUR
Gyrocompass PGM-c-010 11 820 EUR 2 659.50 EUR 886 EUR
EX-Transas NS -270 7 166 EUR 1 612.35 EUR 537.45 EUR
AIS Transas  T-105 2 515 EUR 565.88 EUR 188.63 EUR
УКВ Sailor 6222 2 515 EUR 565.88 EUR 188.63 EUR
Portable VHF STV-160 2 037 EUR 458.33 EUR 152.78 EUR
MF / HF Samyung SRG150 7 920 EUR 1 782 EUR 594 EUR
АРБ Sailor SGE406 692 EUR 155.70 EUR 51.90 EUR
РЛО Sailor SART II 1 308 EUR 294.30 EUR 98.10 EUR
GPS code KGC 222 3 520 EUR 729 EUR 264 EUR
Track MK Saura T-130VB 2 137 EUR 480.83 EUR 160.28 EUR
Boat MK Saura P-75L 1 245 EUR 280.13 EUR 93.38 EUR
СЗС  Sailor 6110 6 410 EUR 1 442.25 EUR 480.75 EUR
* The prices shown in the table are approximate (market average for May 2020), for calculating the exact cost of renting equipment, contact the
service department ** The kit price includes related units, such as antennas, power supplies, etc. Specify the exact composition in the service department.   To rent ship navigation equipment 

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