Panoramic shooting of ship rooms

Today, technologies allow you to be in any room without leaving your computer.

We present you a unique service from C&R Group: 360 ° Virtual Tour

360-degree panoramic shooting is performed using a special camera that allows you to reproduce everything that happens around it in one shot. All 360 degrees. After the necessary processing, you are provided with a ready-made Virtual Tour. With the help of it you can easily "plunge" into any compartment of the ship: "walk" along the bridge, bring objects closer or further away, move from one room to another.

Such a survey reduces the time for approval when re-equipping the vessel, scheduled repair work or in case of an unforeseen situation on the voyage. Remote services can easily view the details of the location of equipment, blocks and peripherals for a more accurate and quick response to resolve various situations.

We create a virtual tour of all the premises that the shipowner needs. You can see an example of such a tour here.

The service is provided absolutely free.

Virtual tours are available only to the customer and are not published in the public domain.

If you are interested in the service or have a question - contact us by phone +7 (812) 4673673 or send an email to

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