Checking navigational tools

You can call a specialist to check the equipment by sending an e-mail request to
If you have any questions, please contact the service department by phone in St. Petersburg (+7 812) 679-09-10 and +79045531441, in Petrozavodsk: (+7 8142) 57-80-30 and (+7 8142) 57-00-03 .

To ensure the safety and control of the movement of the vessel, the location uses technical means of navigation, navigation aids and instruments are used in this area:
  • Direction determination - compasses, direction finders
  • Calculation of the depth under the keel - hand-sounding lead;
  • Calculation of the ship's location - goniometric instruments (sextant), star globe
  • Hydrometeorological instruments - barometer, barograph, anemometer, outdoor thermometer, psychrometer
  • Devices for time determination - chronometers, clocks and stopwatches
  • And other optical range finders, binoculars, protractor, krenometer.
Our company provides services for the verification, adjustment, repair and supply of navigational instruments and instruments.
Separately it is necessary to note  magnetic compasses . These instruments are serviced by specialists as necessary. The replacement fluid, gaskets, needles and membranes are replaced. We have a fluid and spare parts for most compasses, both main and track, and boat.
Also services are provided for eliminating deviation with the issuance of a table of deviations.

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