Our company offers customers a list of spare parts that will definitely be used on board the vessel, and their shelf life is covered by the likely use period for at least a year, that is, these spare parts will be guaranteed to be used.
Advantages in this: during complex procurement, a discount will be given and the client will not need to order goods at remote ports at speculative prices, while some of the “breakdowns” can be replaced by the crew on their own or using our instructions.

The list of such a spare part:
  • Antenna connectors PL and TNC;
  • Inmarsat printer paper;
  • Navtex printer paper, if any;
  • Magnetrons for radars;
  • Belts for radars;
  • GNSS Antenna and VHF Antenna;
  • Brushes for radar;
  • Spare kits for Gyrocompass (supporting fluid, pumps, etc.);
  • Fluid for Magnetic Compasses;
  • Batteries for UPS (if there are navigation);
  • VHF emergency rescue equipment:
  • Emergency and operational batteries;

  • Batteries and hydrostats
  • Elements of nutrition;
  • Kits for maintenance;

  • sonar beacon;
  • backup batteries;
  • hydrostat and pop-up capsule battery.

Our company has developed

and other components that have an expiration date and a replacement schedule, in connection with which we are ready to take on the supply of ships with batteries and consumables, and independently monitor their terms, choose convenient ports and send consumables to ships in advance, so that engineers or the crew could replace components on board.

How it works?
By the customer or the crew, or by our engineer who is on board, all the data of batteries requiring replacement must be entered in a special BTO form, then our employee (service assistant) will enter these data into the database and
constantly checks these deadlines. When the terms of use are nearing the end, an automatic notification from this database comes to the coordination service and a newsletter is formed.


  1. Batteries requiring routine inspection for a period of at least 12 months. from the previous survey (i.e., if the battery has an expiration date of 13 months, then it can be replaced after 13 months, at the next examination, and if the battery has an expiration date of 11 months at the time of inspection, then in about the passed test and the battery should be replaced with a new one);
  2. Databases of erroneous storage of information, i.e. replacement is made, but it is not displayed in the database. Or, these are batteries that have expired.
  3. Recommended replacement batteries soon.

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