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We're all around Russia and not only

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Error on the Headway HMT-100. Power supply.

Error on the Headway HMT-100. Power supply.

Error and its elimination on the external display of the black box Headway HMT.


In 2021, we opened our offices in Novorossiysk, Astrakhan and Sakhalin, and since the beginning of 2022 we have already opened our office in Arkhangelsk

Today we offer service throughout Russia and beyond!

  Our offices:
  •  Arkhangelsk
  •   Taman
  •   Novorossiysk
  •   Murmansk
  •   Rostov-on-Don
  •   Saint Petersburg
  •   Petrozavodsk
  •   Vladivostok
  •   Kaliningrad
  •   Astrakhan
  •   Kholmsk

There are official representatives of Communications and Radionavigation in Houston and Istanbul

For you, we will provide high-quality service, delivery, installation and maintenance of radio and navigation equipment, automation and electrics

Abroad, we will process all docs and payments in our European offices transparently and quickly

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