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September 25th is now celebrated World Maritime Day

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The article is devoted cable connectors that are most often used for radio and navigation devices.

In 2014, the World Maritime Day is celebrated on 25 September. 
The decision was priyanyato the International Maritime Organization - International Maritime Organization, IMO. Until 1980, it was held on March 17, but was then moved to one of the days of the last full week of September. 
The theme for World Maritime Day this year was: 'Convention IMO: effective implementation.' 
This topic is intended to draw attention to the treaty instruments IMO, which has not yet entered into force, as well as those that require ratification by a large number of States and more effective implementation in order to enhance the positive effects. 
The celebration of World Maritime Day is usually accompanied by a variety of environmental measures, environmental actions and rallies. 
IMO celebrates World Maritime Day is the traditional diplomatic reception at the organization's headquarters in London and parallel events in one of the member countries of IMO.

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