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Second life S-VDR Samsung

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Parts Catalog Skipper

Parts Catalog Skipper

Spare parts catalog Skipper (in stock and on order)

The vessel on which it is installed URDR type "SVDR-Pro" (producer: Samsung Heavy Industries) forced to change the "Black box" due to the discontinuation of the MK1 batteries for float-free capsule Tron S-VDR Capsule, the replacement of which by the regulations is carried out every 5 years.
To reduce the cost of shipowners, the company "Communication and radio Navigation SPb" offers a profitable solution! According to the requirements of SOLAS storage unit can be of any type. Therefore, a free-floating capsule can be replaced with a fixed-type capsule (L3 Capsule: SVR01-xxx-xx).
For purchase, please contact the sales department: and by phone in St. Petersburg: +7 (812) 467 36 73.

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