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New standards for ECDIS Amendment 1.

New standards for ECDIS Amendment 1.

In accordance with the mandatory provision of safety of navigation in the maritime industry, constantly being updated ECDIS products, which is associated with changes in the standards of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO).


Introducing a novelty on the Russian market: the improved VDR DR-100S from the Turkish manufacturer Ocean Voyager Marine.

Now you do not have to spend money on branded consumables: our VDR is suitable for batteries of any well-known brands and the PT9 NOVEGA hydroacoustic sensor.

Supports SWAP technology - modular replacement. In some cases, we simply send the unit - the crew makes the replacement on their own.

Nice bonuses:

  • The cost of SOS for the VDR DR-100S will be only 250 USD
  • We have a Trade-in program: give us your old VDR and get a discount on DR-100S
  • 1 year warranty service

Detailed information and prices:

+7 (812) 4 673 673


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