Communication and Radio Navigation in Sakhalin!

19 October, 2021
You can congratulate us! Warm and sincere. We moved to a qualitatively new level, starting to develop not only the mainland lands of the two continents, but also to capture the islands ...
And the whole world is not enough - as Comrade Bond said, the one who, James Bond

Having opened a representative office in Sakhalin, we have finally established ourselves in this region and have become closer not only to red fish with no less red caviar, but also to our customers who catch them, among other gastronomic fauna of the Far Eastern seas.

The practice of our branch in Vladivostok has shown a high demand for efficiently and vigorously working highly qualified specialists. And this is precisely our specialization, to create points of attraction for the best of the best, not forgetting to grow our own, to the delight of grateful customers.

We are in a hurry to announce one more good news, our representative office is not limited to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, we are taking care of the ports of Kholmsk and Korsakov. An application is enough and the engineering service will send a specialist for thoughtful and professional work with our brand, which has already become legendary, a guarantee of quality.

In order to place an application on the distant borders of our country - write to service@cirspb.ru or call +79242896673

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