Leosat System GONETS

27 May, 2020

The Communication and Radio Navigation Group of Companies is certified for the installation and maintenance of subscriber equipment "GONETS".

The «Gonets» system allows monitoring of vehicles at any latitude and longitude. «Gonets» subscriber terminals with built-in navigation receivers track the position of the vehicle at a certain point in time and the route of its movement (track). It is possible to use «Gonets» satellite terminals on various types of transport: automobile (cargo, passenger), ships (sea and river), railway rolling stock. Depending on the availability of terrestrial networks, information is transferred from the vehicle via satellite (Gonets) or terrestrial (2/3G) channel to the Internet, where the user can monitor one's mobile assets on the Gonets portal map.

Besides tracking of the vehicle, it is also possible to communicate with the driver (text messages), send alert messages by pushing the alert button or on an event, automatically collect data from the telematics equipment of the vehicle via the M2M channel (fuel level, container opening sensor, etc.), and circular messaging useful for alerting fleets of ships or vehicles on routes, especially in remote areas.

Satellite system «Gonets»

In addition, satellite terminals «Gonets» can be used with other monitoring platforms, in particular «Vialon» and «ST Matrix»

More information about GONETS satellite systems can be found here.

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