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Service work for ANI VDRs

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Product Catalog AC Marine

Product Catalog AC Marine

All AC Marine products are designed
in Denmark and engineered to the highest possible quality for vessels
within the major marine markets of; commercial, fishing and yachting.


This certificate authorises Communication and Radionavigation SPb Co. Ltd personnel holding a valid AMI training certificate has attended and successfully completed the manufacturer training course, authorising them to work on the following equipment and associated interfaces
  • AMI VR2272B/X2272 VDR & SVDR Systems Annual Survey
  • A MIX-Series VDR & S VDR Systems Annual Survey
  • X2 VDR VDR & SVDR Systems Annual Survey

The above mentioned is authorised to conduct service work on the following equipment and associated interfaces:
  • AMI KW810/X 810 & AM IN 150/X 150 BNWAS Systems

AMI Marine is an English company that positions itself as a world leader in the field of navigation systems. The main activity of the company is the production of VDRs and SVDRs

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