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50% discount on MaxSea TimeZero PLOT

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MaxSea - this is one of the most popular computer mapping programs in the world. With the convenient 3D-visualization helps MahSea professional fishermen to increase their catches. For owners of sailing and motor yachts MahSea is a handy tool for route planning based on the information about the weather, tides and so forth.
MaxSea offers a 50% discount on MaxSea TimeZero PLOT Wide and MaxSea TimeZero PLOT Mega Wide for those customers who want to change the already installed a similar system (Olex, Seiwa, Lorentz, Turbo, Sodena and others).
To receive the discount, and placing an order,
  1.     Report Title chart or system used at present
  2.     The serial number of the existing system
  3.     Name and type of vessel

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