YONZOE Radar Station

13 June, 2023
The YONZOE YAR27 radar is a high–performance marine navigation radar that meets all the latest international requirements and standards. Has a HUNDRED RMRS. Suitable for all types of marine vessels.

YAR27 has excellent detection characteristics of small targets. The radar uses a unique algorithm for suppressing interference from the sea and rain, ARPA collision avoidance, relative and true trace, and other functions, which is why this series of radars can directly replace well-known foreign brands.

The main functions of the YONZOE YAR27 radar:

• The ability to manually enter the direction and position, which is convenient for fixed observation

• Availability of heating options for operation in northern latitudes

• Unique technology of noise reduction, waves and rain


The peculiarity of the YONZOE radar is the interchangeability of the main components and boards with the FAR-2117 radar


The company "Communications and Radio Navigation" is the General Agent of the company YONZOE in Russia.

The flagship products of the YONZOE Tech company can be found at the link

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