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New NAVTEX and Inmarsat-C Sailor Software for BAM

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Furuno FR-8005 Series

Furuno FR-8005 Series

Series marine radar Furuno FR-8005 Series equipped with the function of digital signal processing and come with a large color display with a diagonal of 12 ', which allows the identification of targets in heavy rain and during poor visibility.


The implementation of Bridge Alert Management (BAM) in NAVTEX and Inmarsat-C is complete, and both products are MED approved with BAM. This adds even more value to installations, allowing you to integrate more features with other bridge systems.

As a Navtex receiver, the SAILOR 6390/6391 has always met these requirements, and therefore product updates are not required. A new MED type approval certificate with the mentioned MSC.430 (98) BAM is already available at SYNC.

For Inmarsat C, a new software version 1.06 has been developed for SAILOR 6018 to ensure compliance with IMO resolution MSC.431 (98) regarding BAM. This software and related manuals are now fully approved and available on SYNC to update existing installations, if necessary.

Starting February 1, 2020, new software will be available.

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