End of Life Announcement some Sea Tel

17 November, 2020
Last Time Buy Opportunity for Sea Tel 6004 TVRO systems

We are offering a last time buy opportunity for the Sea Tel 6004 TVRO systems. This product has become End of Life 30 June 2020 and will have no direct replacement with another 1.5-meter TVRO system. We suggest our partners look to the Sea Tel 120 series of antennas as the ideal alternative.


We will continue to support our systems for 6 years from this date as outlined in our warranty policy and posted on our Cobham Sync website. Should you have any questions, please reach out to your sales representative for information on purchasing some of the available systems

We are happy to share with you our plans to introduce new technology providing superior and reliable communications and TV solutions in the future. The new technology will be building upon the vast experience and customer feedback on our highly successful Sea Tel 24 and Sea Tel 80 antennas. We will make further announcements regarding these upcoming products and solutions in the approaching months.


As a result, the Sea Tel 24 and Sea Tel 80 will be End-Of-Life as of December 31 and future orders will not be accepted after January 31, 2021 for delivery no later than March 31. Existing orders are accepted, and will be shipped as planned.


Sea Tel 24 and Sea Tel 80 Service, Support and Spare parts

The Sea Tel 24 and Sea Tel 80 are covered under the general Cobham SATCOM Maritime service & support terms, which means that the antennas are covered until December 31 2026.


Product information will remain available on Cobham SYNC, and our technical support team will handle support inquiries
Spare parts will be available in quantities we expect will be sufficient (on a first-come, first-served basis)
Repairs will be offered until October 31 2026
Alternative solutions will be offered in case spare parts are not available, or repair is possible
Please see the below chart for our End of Life Timeline(s) of the above-mentioned systems.

Antenna Model

End of Life Date

Last time to Buy Data

Last time for delivery Date

End of Support Date

ST 24 all variants





ST 80 all variants





Sea Tel ST 24 model and item list

Sea Tel ST 80 model and item list

40-300110 Sea Tel, ST 24, EURO, AUTO POL, радиус 34”

40-300268 Sea Tel, ST 24 DVB-S2, EURO, AUTO POL

40-300269 Sea Tel, ST 24 DVB-S2, US, AUTO POL

40-300270 Sea Tel, ST 24 DVB-S2, DLA, AUTO POL

40-300271 Sea Tel, ST 24 DVB-S2, DISEQC, AUTO POL

40-300403 Sea Tel, ST 24 DVB-S2, US, AUTO POL, 

40-300010 Sea Tel 80 TV

40-300118 Sea Tel 80 TV, 40

40-300211 Sea Tel 80 TV 

40-300285 Sea Tel 80 TV, TICU

40-300312 Sea Tel 80 TV, GA

40-300313 Sea Tel 80 TV

40-300385 Sea Tel 80 TV, номер MXP

(Non-current) Production item no.`s list, no longer for sale. Still subject to support until Dec 2026

132500-001; 132500-002; 132500-003; 132500-004; 132500-007; 132500-008; 132500-009; 137906-001; 137906-002; 137906-003; 137906-004; 137906-007; 137906-008; 137906-009


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