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Certificatte by URSC JSC

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Aids to Navigation

Aids to Navigation

Navigation devices can be used to take measurements of objects indicated on the map


We are glad to inform you that the company "Communications and Radioтavigation SPb" has received a certificate from The «United Rocket and Space Corporation» Joint Stock Company (URSC JSC), confirming the status of an authorized organization for the annual comprehensive and coastal maintenance of EPIRBs using the CS Tester T-406N reprogramming of the ASNAP-M marine emergency radio beacon and its modifications.

To make an application for Shore Based Maintenance or programming EPIRB ASNAP-M and ASNAP-M2 - send an email to or call +7 (812) 4673673.

We remind you that the service can be provided in all regions of Russia, as well as abroad.

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