Discontinuance of Service support

28 September, 2021

After careful consideration due to increased non-availability of critical parts and units, Seas of Solutions are formally announcing the End of life status of the below mentioned modules used in our older G2, G2S, G3, G3S and NW4000 VDR variants.(additional parts affected as highlighted).

Article number Description
RUT-01006 Remote storage module, 500 GB (RMSA 500)
RUT-01014-AA ASSY, data analog module, 8 ch
RUT-01010-AA ASSY, FRM junction box
RUT-02417-AA ASSY, Power Control Center (PCC)
RUT-01004-16 Audio Module (8 ch / 16 output)
RUT-02590-DA Data Management Module G2+
RUT-02447 FRM (Fixed) – Rutter Capsule – G2 & G3
RUT-03590-DA Data Management Module G3*
RUT-02982-AA Kit, OAU installation
RUT-01029-AA NMEA module 8 channels, Stand alone G2(S)
RUT-1007-CA ASSY, G2 operation & alarm unit (OAU), MFG
RUT-02365 Power supply, AC-DC converter, W series
 NW4400  NW4400 WIM, вкл. разъемы вкл. 2 x аудио, NM
 NW4200  PSU, incl. connectors with bracket
 NW4800  Capsule*

* Where there are Existing very limited stocks of (yellow) highlighted units, they will continue to be offered until exhausted. As alternative, Seas of Solutions can offer the opportunity to upgrade the existing systems to our current VDR system.

Call us for detailed information +7 (812) 4-673-473 or sales@cirspb.ru

APT coverage of these variants is unaffected and will continue to be offered as normal

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