New SAILOR 900 VSAT Ku Optimised

19 April, 2020

COBHAM is launching latest Ku-band Optimised solution developed on the back of decades of market feedback and meticulous research and development efforts.

All previous models (“B” and “E”) have radomes, which are tuned for both Ku and Ka bands and continue to be available until further notice.

Advanced HEATER option tailored to the harshest conditions
Ships that are operating in very cold sea areas such as The Arctic, Antarctica, and Northern Sea Route may require an integrated heating solution. This is where the SAILOR heater comes in. All SAILOR one-metre antennas are now available with a smart heater option. The heater will keep the antenna going even as low as down to -55ºC (-67ºF) ambient temperature.
This SAILOR heater consists of state-of-the-art heating pads, which are mounted into the radome bottom, and a 230VAC power connection box.

  • One Cable Solution – single coax cable to antenna, less cable work, simplifies installation, reduces cost.
  • Dual Antenna Operation – operate two antennas on a single satellite router (“VSAT modem”) - without an extra mediator box, well proven since the inception of SAILOR VSAT, switches in milliseconds, no interruption of IP traffic.
  • Automatic Azimuth Calibration – antenna in relation to vessel’s centre line.
  • Automatic Cable Calibration – a software function to determine the attenuation of the antenna cable.
  • Cross-pol Isolation – LNB angle to comply with interference regulations, built-in and calibrated at factory.
  • P1dB Line-up – built-in power detector for auto-calibrating P1dB, antenna system gain control to avoid saturation of BUC.
  • Blocking Zone Mapping to help configure the real blocking zones on each vessel.
  • Gyro Free Operation – keeps the antenna connected even if ship gyro is not present.

For purchase and service, please contact our specialists by phone +7 (812) 4673673 or sales@cirspb.ru

     Antenna System   Item no.      BUC  
     SAILOR 600 VSAT Ku      407060C-00500      6W
     SAILOR 800 VSAT Ku      407080A-00501      6W
     SAILOR 800 VSAT Ku Hight Power        407080B-00500      20W
     SAILOR 900 VSAT Ku      407090B-00501      8W
     SAILOR 900 VSAT Ku with Heater      407090-00501-001      8W
     SAILOR 900 VSAT Ku Hight Power       407090E-00500      20W
     SAILOR 900 VSAT Ku Hight Power with Heater       407090E-00500-001      20W
     SAILOR 900 VSAT Ku Optimised      407090I-00500      8W
     SAILOR 900 VSAT Ku Optimised incl. Heater      407090I-00500-001      8W
     SAILOR 900 VSAT Ku Optimised High Power      407090J-00500      20W
     SAILOR 900 VSAT Ku Optimised High Power incl. Heater       407090J-00500-001       20W

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