NGSM Information letter

29 December, 2016
End of production and future support gyrocompass NAVIGAT X Mk1, NAVIGAT X Mk2, as well as additional equipment.
The company Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine (NGSM) introduced a new vessel traffic management system and a set of products for gyrocompass, named CompassNet. These products are designed with a new architecture compasses system, which significantly improves the characteristics of redundancy, and sustainability with several gyrocompass systems.
It is learned that after the release of a new line of products, NGSM cease production gyrocompass NAVIGAT X Mk1 and NAVIGAT X Mk2, Navitwin IV, switches, relays, interface modules, blocks and power supply at the end of 2016.
* Note: Previous versions of the above equipment will be removed from production.
The range of the spare production gyrocompass NAVIGAT X will be available for use for a limited period of time only as long as the additional equipment is available, then CompassNet products will be available in full production and installation.
The company currently has NGSM special offers on new orders gyrocompass NAVIGAT X MKI and Navitwin IV procurement.
Future support is removed from the production NAVIGAT X:
NGSM policy is based on the maintenance of discontinued products for a period of up to 10 years after the last date of manufacture of the production volume. Long-term this support depends on the availability of raw materials and sub-components. NGSM reserves the right to discontinue this support at any time, without notice. This policy applies to the gyrocompass NAVIGAT X Mk1 and NAVIGAT X Mk2, Navitwin IV, switches, relays and interface units, and power supplies. This NGSM will continue to carry out major repairs and technical support for navigation equipment.
Below are the serial numbers and production Mastercompass, which will be phased out by the end of 2016.
  • NAVIGAT X Mk1 Mod 10 - serial number 074807-0000-000.
  • NAVIGAT X Mk1 Mod 07 - serial number 074811-0000-000.
  • NAVIGAT X Mk2 - serial number 074799-0000-000.
Above-mentioned products can be replaced by:
  • Mastercompass NAVIGAT 100 - serial number 073518-0000-000.
  • Mastercompass NAVIGAT 200 - serial number 073517-0000-000.
  • Power management and control out of production by the end of 2016:
  • Navitwin IV control and display unit - serial number 074857-0000-000.
Note * This product will not be directly replaced Navitwin V - serial number 074902-0000-000 is intended for use only in conjunction with CompassNet system.
Support Navitwin IV products will continue, as described above.
The auxiliary parts that are no longer produced by the end of 2016:
  • Switches on the relay units, part numbers 074711-0000-000 and 074742-0000-000 and NAVIGAT 3000 interface and power supply serial number 073521-0000-000.
Now for CompassNet systems are available:
  • Unit converter, and the gain - the serial number 074904-0000-000.
  • Converter and amplifier - serial number 025826-0000-000.
  • data distribution unit - serial number 074907-0000-000.
  • DDU processor module - serial number 025786-0000-000.

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