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Wrong date on GPS?

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Ryabina spare parts

Ryabina spare parts

«Ryabina» - is a unified equipment designed to provide loudspeaker communication on the ship.


Let's fix the error!

GNSS, GPS or GLONASS receivers stop working due to the fact that their counters go astray.

Many have faced this problem, but we solved it!

Some GPS receivers display the wrong date.

In order not to change the entire equipment, we have developed a board that easy integrates and fixes this problem.

In addition to FURUNO GPS receivers (GP-90, GP-80, GP-150), we can fix rollover problems with GPS receivers and other companies, for example, SAMYUNG, as well as many other brands.

Contact us:

▪️Russia +7 (812) 4-673-673 or e-mail

▪️Turkey and USA (Houston) +90 532 12 040 12 or e-mail

▪️The Netherlands: or

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