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Explosion-proof radio station Icom IC-M88 has received a new STO RMRS

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Extension line VGA over twisted pair (5Cat) at 80m

Extension line VGA over twisted pair (5Cat) at 80m

To transfer audio and video signals to large distances from the signal source.

The compact explosion-proof radio station Icom IC-M88 received a certificate of approval from the Russian Maritime Register. The radio station has an explosion class of 2Ex ic IIA T6 X, which fully meets the new requirements.

Certificate PMPC Icom IC-M88

You can buy Icom IC-M88 explosion-proof radio at an affordable price, please contact our sales department:  sales@cirspb.ru and by phone in St. Petersburg: +7 (812) 679-09-10.
Radio stations are now available in the "Communications and Radio Navigation" warehouse. 

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