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New firmware FELCOM-18/19

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Spare parts for ECDIS Danelec

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The new firmware for terminals FELCOM-18/19, allowing them to fit the requirements of Vessel Monitoring
Furuno reported that their teminaly Inmarsat received a firmware update with which Inmarsat SES FELCOM-18/19 can now be used as TSC.
The software meets the requirements of the regional monitoring centers OSM, Kamchatka and Murmansk branches FGBU 'CSMC'.
Installation and setup is made in accordance with the requirements of the Sectoral Monitoring System water biological resources, monitor and control the activities of fishing vessels. Thus allowing the use of Inmarsat FELCOM-18/19 with the new software as a technical means of verification.
Note that this function VMS (vessel monitoring system) can work only with the built-in GPS receiver.

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