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Sailor SARTII new certificate RMRS

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Furuno FR-8005 Series

Furuno FR-8005 Series

Series marine radar Furuno FR-8005 Series equipped with the function of digital signal processing and come with a large color display with a diagonal of 12 ', which allows the identification of targets in heavy rain and during poor visibility.


SART Sailor SARTII, production of Thrane & Thrane has received an updated  certificate PMPC 'SART-II'

SAILOR SART II is a 9 GHz X-band radar transponder is designed for rescue operations in accordance with IMO GMDSS. When a radar signal is transmitted from a ship or aircraft, Sailor SART II automatically transmits a response signal, which clearly identifies the survival craft on the radar screen. After activating the SAILOR SART II is in standby mode for over 96 hours.

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