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Reflecta-1 new certificate

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Iridium Certus

Iridium Certus

Iridium Certus is a technological platform developed on the basis of the network of new generation Iridium NEXT satellites. 


Magnetic compass reflecta production Cassens & Plath has an updated  Certificate PMPC 'REFLECTA 1'

REFLECTA 1 c compass binnacle used on ships all over the mire.On meets all the important national and international requirements. Supplied with all the necessary components: a magnetic compass, the azimuth of the reflector tube Corrector (only Flinder's bar, and for an additional fee), lighting, emergency lighting, and installation materials.

Height binnacle can be different, depending on deck level according to the required safe distance. The standard height is 1200 mm. Binnacle can be reduced to 880 mm or extended to a height of 1800 mm above the deck.

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