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New arrival of equipment

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Транзас THESIS

Транзас THESIS

Transas introduced THESIS (Transas Harmonized Eco System of Integrated Solutions), a fully integrated suite of solutions for e-Navigation.


To announce that our new arrival stock equipment.

Name Description View Quantity Condition
Furuno GP-150 GPS-receiver 3 шт 2nd hand
JRC SVDR  1850 VDR 1 шт 2nd hand
SAILOR T&T RT 5022  VHF DSC Class A 3 шт 2nd hand
SAILOR Displasy TT3606  Display terminal for data transmission  TT3606  2 шт 2nd hand
SAILOR RT 4822 VHF DSC Class A 2 шт 2nd hand
Sperry Navigat X Mk I WITH Repeaters Gyrocompass 1 шт 2nd hand
Minerva T1016R   Fire alarm system for ships 1 к-кт 2nd hand


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