We are in Taman

18 November, 2020
Respectable partners! We are glad to inform you about the creation of a new subdivision of Communication and Radio Navigation Group in the village of Taman. The engineers of the new branch provide services in the ports of Temryuk, Kavkaz and Taman. The opening of a new unit allows you to quickly resolve emergency situations in this region, as well as schedule planned work. We are happy to develop for your convenience.

The range of services provided:

- Installation, maintenance and repair of ship radio and navigation equipment

- Annual survey of equipment

- Service repair of ship equipment

- Repair with substitution


You can find the full range of services at thelink
If you have any questions or want to order services - call +7 928 145 28 55 or write to south@cirspb.ru. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

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