We have developed new versions of our equipment

29 April, 2024
When operating devices, we receive feedback from engineers, usually these are suggestions for improving our products. Based on this information, we have developed new versions of our CDA-28 multiplier, MP-01A converter and ALARM alarm unit . 

All devices have received an improved power circuit with protection from interference, overvoltage and reverse polarity and are capable of operating on both 24 volt and 12 volt power.

The new multiplier now has built-in converter functionality, which allows in some situations not to install two separate devices. 
Remote control of operating modes has been added; a separate connector is now allocated for this purpose. 
Other circuits of the device have also undergone modernization, but the main advantage of CDA is operational reliability, which has remained unchanged.

The MP converter has become unified in its circuit design with the CDA, leaving all its wide functionality. This increased its reliability and EMC.

The new ALARM has received one more operating mode. In addition to detecting AC and DC networks, the ability to monitor dry contacts, both normally closed and normally open, has been added. 
We have developed new versions of our equipment
The housings of all new devices have become more thoughtful, have an additional DIN rail mounting option and a fresh design.

We will inform you separately about the release of updated devices for sale, stay tuned!

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