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LOUD HAILER Furuno LH-5000

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NGSM Information letter

NGSM Information letter

The end of production and future support of the gyrocompass NAVIGAT X Mk1, NAVIGAT X Mk2, as well as additional equipment.

Furuno announced the release of a new loudspeaker system LH-5000. 

LOUD HAILER already has a certificate of approval from the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping  (Model approval of RMRS No. 17.13524.170 dated September 19, 2017.). Furuno LH-5000  has a fully waterproof control unit (degree of protection IP67) with an 8-channel general alarm system. In addition to the system, two external horn loudspeakers and up to six ISP-5000 loudspeakers can be connected for on-board communication. When connecting external devices, such as a radio or smartphone, you can turn on the AUX function and share your favorite music via intercom.

 The LH-5000 system can be composed of: 
- LH-5000 - main unit 
- MIC-5000 - microphone 
- ISP-5000 - two-way communication loudspeaker (maximum 6) 

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