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LOUD HAILER Furuno LH-5000

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Replacing old kinescopes with old radars on LCD displays

Replacing old kinescopes with old radars on LCD displays

Our company is updating old radar indicators. You turn off the sweep cards, kinescope board, remove the kinescope and install a new LCD display in the old radar frame.

Furuno announced the release of a new loudspeaker system LH-5000. 

LOUD HAILER already has a certificate of approval from the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping  (Model approval of RMRS No. 17.13524.170 dated September 19, 2017.). Furuno LH-5000  has a fully waterproof control unit (degree of protection IP67) with an 8-channel general alarm system. In addition to the system, two external horn loudspeakers and up to six ISP-5000 loudspeakers can be connected for on-board communication. When connecting external devices, such as a radio or smartphone, you can turn on the AUX function and share your favorite music via intercom.

 The LH-5000 system can be composed of: 
- LH-5000 - main unit 
- MIC-5000 - microphone 
- ISP-5000 - two-way communication loudspeaker (maximum 6) 

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