Constructor of electrical circuits in the equipment description

24 May, 2024
In the description of the equipment in the catalog of our website you can now find Interactive electrical connection diagrams . We developed them to clearly show how this piece of equipment is connected to the network and what it is connected to.

Interactive connection diagrams are made in the Constructor, developed specifically for such visualizations. This is a tool for virtual collection of ship equipment connection diagrams.
You can open any diagram for reading and editing. A diagram is a working field on which you can move pieces of equipment, connect, group and check their compatibility.

Diagrams that can be viewed now:

MF radio FT-7500R
Echo sounder EP-series
Log DS-90R
Satellite compass ComNav G2
Gyrocompass PGM-C-010
Radar Yonzoe YAR27
URDR DR- 100S Ocean Voyager
Anemometer AMC 728R

Requests for circuit assemblies according to your request,
as well as your wishes and suggestions for the work of the designer,
send to IT technical support email - support@cir-tech.ru

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