Conference in Vladivostok

15 June, 2023
On June 28, 2023, the company "Communications and Radio Navigation" will hold its second conference, this time it will be held in Vladivostok.

The theme of the conference is "Communication, navigation, automation, new products and technologies at sea 2023"

At the event, in addition to our leading employees, there will be: a representative of RTComm, who will present a presentation on the topic: Integrated satellite solutions for an efficient fleet and Igor Petrovich Shvaiba, Chief Specialist of the RMRS Development and Improvement Department, with reports: "Review of changes in Chapter IV "Radio Communications" MK SOLAS" and "Review of changes in the ND Register in the field radio and navigation equipment"

At the conference we will also talk about the supply of equipment in modern conditions. We will present our latest developments in the field of radio navigation equipment.

At the end, a buffet is planned.

You can take part by clicking on the link

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