Conference in Saint-Petersburg

10 April, 2024
On April 23, 2024, the Communications and Radio Navigation company will hold a new format conference for its customers and partners.

 The CIR Conference project has reached St. Petersburg! This will be the fourth event for our company's clients and partners that we are holding. This time the conference will be dedicated to the beginning of St. Petersburg navigation: this is April, when the fleet begins active work, and bridges begin to be built on the Neva. Many guests of our events already know the format of "SIR Conferences" when key employees of the company "Communications and Radio Navigation" and partners of our company make presentations of their services, equipment and discuss important topics of fleet equipment and maintenance. On April 23, both our employees and speakers from Technodar Group, RTCOMM, Central Research Institute Kurs, Evolution of Marine Digital Technologies LLC will perform in front of the guests. You will find a detailed program of performances on the event's website - spb.cirspb.ru

In addition to discussing current topics on the rules of equipping the fleet, equipment supplies and maintenance, we will present to the guests a large exhibition where the equipment of all participants of the business meeting will be presented.

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