Conference in Novorossiysk

17 February, 2024
On March 19, 2024, the Communications and Radio Navigation company held its third conference
The event was held in Novorossiysk. The main topic of the conference is "Communication, navigation, automation: new products and technologies at sea 2024". 
Participants of the third conference "Communication, navigation, new products and technologies at sea 2024" discussed issues in the field of marine radio communications, navigation and automation. 

Igor Petrovich Shvaiba, Chief Specialist of the RS Rules Development and Improvement Department, spoke about the updates of the rules in the reports: "Chapter IV "Radio communications" MK SOLAS-74, 01.01.2024" and "Guidelines for the application of the provisions of Chapter IV MK SOLAS-74, 2024".

Our colleagues presented presentations:
  • RTCOMM "Integrated satellite solutions for an efficient Technodar fleet
  • About the company and the fuel consumption control system"
  • Central Research Institute of the Central Research Institute of the Course "About equipment"

Employees of  Communications and Radio Navigation talked about the company's capabilities, the current state of the market and current problems, as well as methods of solving them.

The interactive presentation of new products of radio navigation systems, as usual, was held in lively conversations on the exchange of experience and knowledge. 
During the breaks, participants and guests of the conference from different regions could get acquainted, share news and discuss issues of cooperation and development.
The event was also attended by representatives of the classification societies NK, RINA and RKO

We thank the participants of the conference and look forward to the same active participation at future events.
See you in the next city, and it will be announced very soon!

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