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How to reset the GPS number of the week

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Replacement of beacons Dukane DKM120

Replacement of beacons Dukane DKM120

Emergency modules VDR-A19


The topic of rollover has become extremely relevant - GPS week number rollover
This is when GNSS receivers, be it GPS or GLONASS, stop working due to the fact that their counters go astray

Many faced this problem, but we solved it

In order not to change the entire equipment, to eliminate this inaccuracy, we have developed a board that can be easily integrated into the timekeeper and corrects this problem.

In addition to FURUNO GPS receivers (GP-90, GP-80, GP-150), we can fix rollover problems for GPS receivers and other companies, such as SAMYUNG, as well as many other manufacturers.

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You can make an application by calling +78124673673 or by writing to

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