Coming changes in the SOLAS performance standards for NAVTEX and EGC

26 June, 2019

Upcoming changes in the standards SOLAS performance for NAVTEX  and EGC

new installations NAVTEX receiver with July 1, 2019 must comply with the resolution IMO MSC430 (98): amendments to the revised performance standards for sites Printing equipment telegraphic equipment for reception of navigational and meteorological warnings ships (NAVTEX) ( RESOLUTION MSC.148 (77) regarding the accessibility of the NAVTEX receiver interface for the emergency warning system on the bridge .

Also from July 1, 2019, new installations of EGC receivers (mini-C systems) must comply with IMO resolution MSC431 (98). AMENDMENTS TO THE REVISED EFFICIENCY STANDARDS FOR EQUIPMENT OF IMPROVED GROUP CALL (ECG) (RESOLUTION MSC.306 (87)) regarding the availability of an equipment control interface for  an alarm system on the bridge. EGC and interface for transferring the received data to another navigation display or integrated communication equipment.

New rules will apply to new installations of SAILOR 6390 and 6391 NAVTEX and GMDSS SAILOR 6110 mini-C systems.
The addition of Bridge Alert Management (BAM) to equipment is based on a set of well-defined interface suggestions and alert functions in the equipment. To take full advantage of BAM, the appropriate bridge equipment must be connected to a central alarm control unit (CAM), from which you can control various bridge alarms.

It is important to note that the installation of a CAM device is not a requirement, therefore the implementation of BAM support in various bridge systems is a preparation for central alarm management, if installed.

Receiver SAILOR 6390 / 6391 NAVTEX is already compliant, and the MED certificate is updated to include compliance with relevant IMO resolutions MSC.302 (87) and MSC.430 (98). The renewed certificate will be available at Cobham SYNC soon.

 SAILOR 6390/6391 supports the appropriate communication both via the local network interface 61162-450 and the serial interface 61162-1. This means that no further action is required, and the equipment can be installed after July 1.

As for the Mini-C equipment, Cobham SATCOM has already begun to add new features. This means that compatible software, as well as the new SAILOR 6110, will be ready no later than October 2019.

After installing the new software SAILOR 6110 will support BAM on serial interface 61162-1. In addition, for the control unit SAILOR SAILOR 6018 is developed an intuitive and convenient handling of alerts. Both existing and new 6110 installations with the SAILOR 6018 data terminal can be upgraded by installing new software that will be available in Cobham SYNC after approval.

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