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Sounder Furuno FE-800 went on sale in St. Petersburg

Useful articles

Appraisal of nautical information

Appraisal of nautical information

Navigation work starts before leaving the harbour by appraising all necessary information regarding the journey

The main features of FE-800
1. The possibility of a dual frequency (50/200 kHz) display depth on one screen
2. The three display modes:
     Navigation Mode: Standard Display with depth readings
     Data Mode of his ship: displays the location of his ship, time, course and speed over ground, together with the current depth reading
     Story Mode: Displays a chart with historical data together with the current depth reading
3. Ability to connect an external monitor (RD-20 / RD-50) for remote data display
4. Compatibility with control systems alerts on the bridge
5. Ability to connect the two transceivers, allowing you to display two sonogram
6. Connect the printer (optional) for printing echograms

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