Leaflets and instructions from C&R SPb

14 June, 2020

Employees of the Communication and Radionavigation Group have developed instructions that contain the necessary background information on radio equipment in a structured form for simple visual perception. As well as memos with instructions on how to act in emergency situations.

All instructions and instructions can be found at the following links:
Captain's actions on the GMDSS radio communications in distress of a vessel
Canceling a false distress signal
Frequency for testing MF / HF DSC
Frequency of inspections of GMDSS equipment
Actions when receiving a distress signal on HF with DSC
Actions when receiving a distress signal on VHF and MF with DSC
Instructions for presenting the radio part of the RMRS inspection

Any instructions in printed and laminated form can be obtained absolutely free of charge when ordering a service in the Communications and Radionavigation Group!

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