Sea Tel CPI BUC Series Discontinued

11 September, 2019

Cobham SATCOM has announced the discontinuation of the Sea Tel (EOL) Series for certain CPI products.

Cobham has decided to discontinue new sales of models using the BUC CPI models “L”, “M” and “R”. Many of the proposed analogues of these systems, listed below, have a lower RF cost at the same power levels of the EOL models:

 EoL System Model  A similar replacement system 
 Sea Tel 4009-33  Sea Tel 4009-91 MK3
 Sea Tel 5012-33  Sea Tel 5012-91
 Sea Tel 6012-33  Sea Tel 6012-91
 Sea Tel 6012-71  Sea Tel 6012-46
 Sea Tel 9711-64  Sea Tel 9711-56
 Sea Tel 9711-66  Sea Tel 9711-45
 Sea Tel 9711-69  Sea Tel 9711-56
 Sea Tel 9711-70  Sea Tel 9711-46

The version of the system listed above has many options available. To find out more information about the available options for the new version of the system, please contact the sales department   sales@cirspb.ru  and by phone in St. Petersburg: +7 (812) 4-673-673.

Cobham SATCOM will provide support for all discontinued products within 6 years of the last order, as indicated in the equipment warranty.

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