SAILOR SE406-II EPIRB is removed from production

20 July, 2018

Cobham reported that the Sailor SE406-II EPIRB and Sailor SGE406-II EPIRB were halted due to a lack of components and a great demand for them. The numbers of the equipment removed: 404062A; 404062B; 404062C and 404062D.

More Cobham will not accept orders for this equipment, but it undertakes to fulfill existing orders. For some EPIRB orders, they can be replaced with SAILOR 4065 EPIRB - which will be available shortly. Each existing order will be processed individually.
All new orders will be transferred to the new model SAILOR 4065 EPIRB.

At the same time, the Sailor SE406-II EPIRB and Sailor SGE406-II EPIRBs already in operation will continue to be supported by spare parts and additional equipment.

The next generation of EPIRB SAILOR

Cobham promises that the new generation of EPIRB Sailor-series Sailor 4065 EPIRB will replace the current Sailor SE406-II EPIRB and Sailor SGE406-II, both in automatic and manual versions.

 The new series SAILOR 4065 EPIRB will follow the same terminology as the current one:
  • SAILOR 4065 EPIRB- Manual - Part number: 404065A-00500
  • SAILOR 4065 EPIRB – Automatic - Part number: 404065B-00500
  • SAILOR 4065 EPIRB – GNSS – Manual - Part number: 404065C-00500
  • SAILOR 4065 EPIRB – GNSS – Automatic - Part number: 404065D-00500

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