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'Argos' stops transmitting

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Ships Directory. Calling shore to ship

Ships Directory. Calling shore to ship

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Satellite monitoring system 'Argos' stops transmitting data from 31 March 2016, according to information from the Federal Agency for Fisheries.
The system of 'Argos' used by shipowners as a technical means of control (TSC), should be replaced by an alternative equipment that meets safety requirements up to March 31, 2016. It should be allowed to replace the satellite system Inmarsat terminals in advance.
Federal Fisheries Agency has decided to exclude from the permissible to install a satellite beacon monitoring 'Argos' on the ships of the fishing fleet of the Russian Federation in connection with the discrepancy between the satellite system to the safety requirements, applicable laws and regulations of the Russian Federation.
Communication and radio company in advance informs you of this situation. We offer alternative sets of equipment that is approved for installation and meets the requirements of the Federal Agency for Fisheries.
A list of recommended equipment:
  • FELCOM-18
  • FELCOM-19
  • Sailor 6110 GMDSS/SSAS/LRIT
  • Sailor 6120 SSA/LRIT
  • JRC JUE 85
  • JRC JUE 87
  • JRC JUE 95LT


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