COBHAM presented a new solution for the communication system

01 March, 2021

Many businesses are looking for a resilient PTT solution to enable reliable and rapid connectivity in all locations. The new webpage provides an insightful overview of how COBHAM`s solution turns Land Mobile Radios, LTE and satellite networks into one unified communications network. It is also a vital platform to educate visitors about the technological capabilities of the PRISM PTT+ solution and EXPLORER Mobile Gateway, which include:

  • Integration with existing LMR/DMR radio solutions
  • Provides real-time voice and data across the multi bearer environment
  • Seamless switching between networks
  • Global, beyond-the-horizon coverage
  • Rapid and reliable transfer of real-time data
  • Encrypted and secure voice and data communications
  • Creation of inter-agency talk groups on the fly
You can explore the full feature matrix and much more on the  PRISM PTT+ webpage

For advice and purchase of services - please call 8 (812) 467-36-73 or sales@cirspb.ru

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