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Decoding of NMEA signals (Part 2)

Decoding of NMEA signals (Part 2)

This section describes the functionality associated with the reception of data from navigation sensors, supporting the standard IEC 61162-1 or NMEA 0183.

19.12.2013 Our company has certificates and approvals to perform inspections of black boxes with the issuance of APT certificates for the following types of DDRs:
  • Furuno VR3000
  • Furuno VR5000

We also have to perform DDR verification with the issuance of APT and COC acts for the following types:

  • JRC JCY-1850
  • JRC JCY-1800
  • NGSM Voyage Master III
  • NGSM Voyage Master II
  • Headway HMT 100
  • Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital VDR

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