Thrane SAILOR RT4822

Thrane&Thrane SAILOR RT4822

SAILOR RT4822 VHF DSC - it simplex / half duplex radio telephone with built-in digital selective calling, which is part of a compact system Sailor System 4000 GMDSS. Sailor RT4822 is the latest version of the world's most popular FM radios produced by one of the world leaders in the field of maritime communication equipment.

  • Multichannel transceiver
  • Advanced Features DSC Class A
  • Easy to use control panel with soft buttons, makes it even easier to work with radio
  • Graphical LCD
  • Distress alert button with protective cover
  • Audio and video alarm
  • Real-time clock
  • System interface with serial bus SPARC
  • Printer interface and navigation NMEA.

Technical characteristics


        Complies with all international rules and regulations promulgated by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), ITU (International Telecommunications Union) and IMO (International Maritime Organization), as well as national legislation.


        SAILOR RT4822 VHF DSC is ideal for use in maritime transport. It is an instrument DSC (Class A) which has all the necessary components in a small package size, which makes it very convenient for installation on board ships where the internal space is very limited.

        The basic configuration of the radio SAILOR RT4822 includes a transceiver and handset telephony. Interface SPARC, Ah interface and balanced data are used to connect multiple devices control and external control of the computerized devices / software. Maximum length of the connecting cable between the transceiver and the tube depends on the voltage in power supplies: 40m at 12V DC and 80m at 24V DC.

        Main unit VHF Sailor consists of a receiver, transmitter and speaker power 4W. There is also an audio amplifier to connect an optional 6-watt speaker. Rated voltage at the power supply station must be 12V DC. With devices SAILOR N163S and / or N420, the system can be powered by AC or DC power with 24V.

        Additional connector transceiver contains NMEA interface for connection to the ship's navigation system.

Technical characteristics
Common set of channels

All international channels to operate at 25kHz, 
up to 40 channels of exclusive use

Additional channels

All international channels to operate at 12.5kHz 
Up to 224 channels, including 54 channels of exclusive use

Channel spacing

25kHz / 12.5kHz further

Frequency band

150.8MGts - 163.6MGts


Simplex / half duplex


G3EJN receiver telephony 
G2B for DSC signals

Working in the DSC

In accordance with the ITU-R M. 541-6 and ITU-R M. 689.2

DSC protocol

In accordance with the ITU-R M. 493-7 Class A

Navigational interface


Frequency Stability

+10 Ppm / additional + 5 ppm

Antenna terminals

Standard 50W 'mom', SO239

Temperature range

-15 To +55 C

The battery voltage

13.2V DC nominal

Voltage range

10.8V to 15.6V from DC

Supply current

0.14A standby 
transmitter (reduced mode) 1.5A 
Transmitter (elevated mode) 5A

Dimensions transceiver


Weight transceiver





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