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GM600 is a Class A DSC board radio station that meets all GMDSS requirements. The model is easy to install, has a modern design, intuitive user interface and a bright 4.3 TFT LCD display that provides a viewing angle of almost 180 degrees and displays high resolution characters. Night mode screen, provides sufficient brightness for use at night.

Rugged waterproof case is made according to IPX7 standard. The internal speaker of the GM600 increases the intelligibility of received calls. New paper cone, provides high quality sound over a wide frequency range. A combination of keyboard and soft keys at the bottom of the screen allows the user to quickly and conveniently operate the GM600. The radio station guarantees reliable operation in harsh sea conditions and is ideal for any vessel.

General characteristics:

IPX7 water resistant

1 m depth for 30 minutes

The weight


Operating temperature range

15 C to + 55 C

Radiation type

16K0G3E (FM), 16K0G2B (DSC)

Channels used

INT channels

Power supply requirements

DC 13.8V

frequency range


156.025-161.600 MHz


156.025-162.000 MHz


156.525 MHz

Antenna impedance



output power

25W, 1W

Maximum frequency deviation


Error rate

Less than 0.5 kHz

Spurious radiation

Less than 0.25 μW

Residual modulation

More than 40 dB

Adjacent channel power

More than 70 dB


Intermediate frequency


30.15 MHz, 450 kHz (1st / 2nd)


46.35 MHz, 450 kHz (1st / 2nd)

Sensitivity (at 20dB S / N)

Less than -7 dB EMF. A type.

DSC (1% BER)

Less than -7 dB EMF. A type.

Adjacent Channel Selectivity

More than 80 dB

CH70 (1% BER)

More than 80 dB EMF

False rejection

More than 75 dB

CH70 (1% BER)

73 dB EMF


More than 75 dB

CH70 (1% BER)

More than 73 dB EMF

Hum and noise

More than 40 dB

Audio output (at 10% distortion)

External speaker

10 W (4 Ω load)

Internal speaker

2 watts

Squelch sensitivity

Less than -2 dB EMF


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