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Icom IC-M323 is a VHF / DSC radio station that has the same user-friendly and pleasant user interface that was adopted in the latest versions of ICOM. Includes an intuitive interface with programmable soft keys for quicker access to device functions. The interface offers user-friendly and simple controls for the boat owner. Large dot matrix display of high definition and contrast (38x73mm) allows you to view all the necessary information.

Model IC-M323 meets all the latest Class D requirements (ITU-R M493-13 and EN 300 338-3). The IC-M323G has a built-in GPS receiver, when connected, the current position and time are shown on the display. Receiving information about the position of another vessel, the model can transmit data to the navigation device via the NMEA 0183 network. It is possible to connect AIS, which allows individual DSC to be transmitted to the selected vessel automatically.

Tx Frequency Range:        156.000-161.450 MHz, Rx: 156.000-161.450 MHz, CH70: 156.425 MHz
Power                                13.8 V DC No. (10.8-15.6 VDC)
Size                                   180 x 82 x 119.9 mm
Weight                               1.2 kg
Consumption Tx:               5.5 A (at 25 W), Rx: 1.5 A (max audio)
Sensitivity                          −5 dBμV (20 dB SINAD); DSC: −4 dBμV (1% BER)
Audio power                      More than 2W
Output power                     25/1 W
IPX7 protection class
DSC Class D

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