KVU 'OKA' Set No. 1

KVU 'OKA' Set No. 1
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KVU 'OKA' Set No. 1

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The equipment of the "OKA" is a command and broadcast unit, to provide broadcast and ship loudspeaker communication. Supplied in kit number 1.

This kit provides a simplex speakerphone connection between the wheel house and 5 different control stations. This communication is carried out for the transmission of various messages, including regulatory messages. The information is distributed throughout the vessel, including all types of rooms and open decks, thanks to 3 transmission lines, each power is 25W.

In addition to transmitting simple messages, it is possible to transfer music and entertainment programs with the help of external loudspeakers.

The equipment of "OKA" meets the requirements of the Russian River Register and is suitable for installation on passenger ships.

The most frequently used places for the installation of equipment "OKA":

Main deck - central span, right / left side;
Tank / feed;
engine room;
The kit number 1 includes:

 PS Communication device - 1 pc;
 БПУ-50К Power supply and amplification module 50W 24V - 1 pc;
 СШК-2 Subscriber device cabin 1 W - 1 piece;
 SCHV-2 Subscriber device deck 10W - 3 pcs;
 MK-3 Microphone is noise-resistant (with a button) - 1 pc;
 MV-3K Waterproof microphone - 3 pcs;
 10ГР-Д4.01КТ Loudspeaker horn 10 W - 4 pieces

  • Range of reproduced frequencies - 300 - 3500 Hz;
  • Harmonic ratio - no more than 3%;
  • The unevenness of the amplitude-frequency characteristic with the rise of high frequencies 8 - 10 dB;
  • The signal-to-noise ratio is not less than 46 dB;
  • Resistance of the loop of the subscriber communication line - no more than 20 Ohm;
  • Voltage on the line is 30 V;
  • The output power on the line is 50 W;
  • The power of the shield SCHK2 and the loudspeaker 1ГТ1-1 - 1 W;
  • The power of the shields SCHV2, SSCH-2S - 10 W (to the remote loudspeaker).
  • Range of reproduced frequencies - 100 - 10000 Hz;
  • Coefficient of harmonics - no more than 2%;
  • The unevenness of the amplitude-frequency characteristic - not more than 3 dB;
  • Signal-to-noise ratio - not less than 60 dB;
  • Voltage on the transmission line is 30 V (with a voltage of 24 V, the voltage is reduced to 25 V);
  • The maximum power on the transmission line is 50 W;
  • The power of the loudspeaker 2GT1-1, 2GT-2 - 2W;
  • The maximum power consumption from the ship's network is not more than 230 VA;
  • The maximum consumed current from storage batteries - no more than 10 A;
  • Power supply of user's shields is provided remotely via the PS communication device.