'OKA' Set №2

'OKA' Set №2
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'OKA' Set №2

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The Oka Command and Broadcasting System provides a simplex speakerphone connection of the wheelhouse with 10 control posts. The control posts can be located on open decks or in office spaces. The total capacity of the KVU "OKA" complex should be 35 W. Possibility of receiving a call from the subscriber of the shield. When any subscriber on the switch is turned on, a call from another subscriber is provided with a short tone or intermittent light of normal duration. When transmitting, the call is only provided by a discontinuous light signal. Set No. 2 has a wide range of operating temperatures, withstands the effects of salt fog. Some elements have a high degree of protection against water IP55.

The equipment of "OKA" meets the requirements of the Russian River Register and is suitable for installation on passenger ships.

The most frequently used places for the installation of equipment "OKA":

The main deck is the central span,
Right / left boards;
Buck / feed;
Engine room;
Devices of equipment, depending on the location of their installation, have the following degrees of protection:
IP20 for devices installed in dry rooms (BPU-50, SSCK2);
IP44 for instruments installed near the front wall of the wheelhouse (K-10S);
IP55 for instruments installed on the open decks of the ship and in noisy rooms (SSCH2, 10GR-D4.01KT, SSCH-2C with a luminaire).
The kit number 2 includes:

Switch K-10C - is designed to work in simplex communication schemes in conjunction with shields SCHK2, SSCH2 and SSCH-2S. Provides separate inclusion with light signaling of 10 communication subscribers.
The power supply and amplification unit of the BPU-50 is the ability to remotely turn on the power of the BU unit in the BPU-50 unit when the switch of any subscriber's button is switched on at the switch and when any of the subscribers are called up. Providing light signaling of mains voltage.
The switchboard SCHK-2 (with built-in 1W loudspeaker) - provides a simplex connection.
The communication board is waterproof SSCV-2 (with remote 10W loudspeaker) - provides simplex communication.
SCHV-2S shield (with remote 10 W loudspeaker and light call) - provides simplex communication.
Loudspeaker 10ГР-Д4.01КТ (horn, power 10W);

  • Power supply - from ship network 220 V AC
  • End-of-line power supply - from the wheelhouse device
  • The range of reproduced frequencies is 300 - 3500 Hz;
  • The harmonic coefficient is not more than 3%;
  • The unevenness of the amplitude-frequency characteristic with the rise of high frequencies 8 - 10 dB;
  • The signal-to-noise ratio is not less than 46 dB;
  • Relative humidity of air - 95% at 25С;

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